Home Entertainment Why ”Rocketeer” angered fans/spoilers

Why ”Rocketeer” angered fans/spoilers

Why ''Rocketeer'' angered fans/spoilers

Tuesday 13 brought the premiere of the chapter “rock out”, from the fourth season of “Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir”, which may not correspond to more “Misfortune” molded one dayEspecially for the black cat from the beloved series.

As we have reported earlier, the series produced by zag heroes and acquired by Disney For Europe, the United States and Latin America, it has become one of the most popular teens and young adults, possibly because of romance among teens Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrian (Chat Noir).

Why ''Rocketeer'' Angered Fans/Spoilers - Light Home News
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recent episode, 17 Planned For Season Four, comes with the advance of the next chapter in which we meet a new carrier Miraculous (thing that gives superpowers to its owner).

still “rock out” this is shake hearts with followers About the adventures of the superheroes of Paris for detail. note: if you don’t like fail Best to stop reading now.

Reactions to the premiere of “Rocketeer” #MiraculousS4 . tend towards

As the anticipated “Rocketeer” tests one’s confidence Most Loved Couples by Miracles (as the followers of this series call themselves). is about Nino and Aaliyah, whose names just became a trend on the same social network.

Why ''Rocketeer'' Angered Fans/Spoilers - Light Home News
image of trends in mexico

Nino suspects that Aaliyah, who knows his identity as a superhero Reina Rouge, It happensLove for Chat Noir. This puts Nino in the clutches of the supervillain again. Shadow / Hawk Moth.

But the fact that the couple could have ended their teenage romance didn’t cause such a shock as was taken for granted. Adrian’s betrayal betrays himself.

And apparently, fans don’t agree that in the last episode—translated into Spanish on some Facebook pages—, Adrian has been removed by Aaliyah herself, who (SPOILER) already knows the identity of the ladybug.

many people believe that A “storm” or brawl is coming among the main superheroes, and they also point to this wink A Marinette Nightmare with Chat Black, a character we met in the third season and is a depressing version of his faithful companion.

And that worries users because both characters reveal your identity Another one, which lives on the edge of several seats, you can say that it is the spark that keeps the chain going. The question would then be: What will happen the day Marinette accepts Adrian as the truth? And if they are discovered, Will this be the end of the Heroes of Paris series?

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