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Why Pedro Sola celebrated the absence of Pati Chapoy in Ventaneando and said that the tyranny is over

Pati Chapy Pedro alone (Photo: Screenshot / Windowing)

The waters inside aztec tv have begun to be removed for a few weeks, due to to some changes in a very important executive position at the television station. Thus, given the rumors that have circulated in the corridors of the company, the absence of Pati Chapoy in the most recent broadcast of windowing raised all kinds of speculation among the public.

And it is that, everything happened at the beginning of the transmission, when Daniel Bisogno gave some indications as to why the star presenter was not in the forum.

“Very good afternoon, public, welcome to ‘Ventaneando’, we are happy to be with you. You will wonder, where is the patron saint? PeterWell, Ricky, he’s in Olympus, here in a business meeting, talking with our dear boss…, you see what...” he began to say.

Faced with Bisogno’s reluctance to give more details about it, Pedro Sola was only happy and celebrated that his beloved companion could possibly have something to do with the changes that are coming for the television station.

“You see that the tyranny is over, so we have to regain strength and success again“, said.

During the same program, but later, Pati chapoy returned, but did not mention anything about the topics discussed during their meeting.

What is happening on TV Azteca

It was last August 1 when Benjamín Salinas Sada, general director of TV Azteca, announced from his account Twitter that Sandra Smithr, Content Director of the television station, would leave her post.

“In common agreement with @ssmester we resolved his departure from TV Azteca. We wish you luck in your next projects in Florida, Sandra. It was a pleasure sharing with you. At @Azteca we remain at the forefront and very soon you will know the next step in our evolution. #SomosUnstoppable”, he wrote.

To this, the former Azteca executive thanked from her social networks for the time she spent in Aztec TV and sent a message to the directors.

“The pleasure was mine. @azteca will continue to be my home and my family. You know my reasons better than anyone. I love and will always love @gruposalinas. Thanks benjamin. The best is always yet to come. A big hug ”she sentenced.

For its part, NBC Universal Telemundo reported that Smester was appointed as EVP of programming and content development for the company.

Given this fact, the rumors that Pati Chapoy could be the one chosen to ascend to said position have been increasing. more for the trajectory and history that the famous has in the company.

It should be remembered that, in the 1990s, Chapoy was one of the most influential and powerful people within aztec tv, but the conflicts he had with Alberto Ciurana -who became the company’s Director of Content and who, after his death in 2019, was supplanted by Sandra Smester- would take their position in other ways.

Pati Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana (Photos: Instagram//@albertociurana)
Pati Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana (Photos: Instagram//@albertociurana)

According to what the driver has told over the years, she worked with Alberto on Televisa; nevertheless, When he decided to switch to TV Azteca, the friction between the two began to be very noticeable.

The alleged conflict reached such a point that in Rumors of the possible cancellation of Ventaneando were already heard in 2019Besides that Chapoy had almost been imprisoned for infringing copyright by using images from Televisa programs.


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