Home Entertainment Why Okupas are worth watching 21 years after their debut

Why Okupas are worth watching 21 years after their debut

Why Okupas are worth watching 21 years after their debut

Just as there are movies or series with a more rustic feel, whose plots one quickly forgets, there are others that Invite Reflection and Remember to Mark an Era. Beyond the taste, no one would dare deny it squat Belongs to that second group of constructions.

So when Netflix announced that it had bought the rights to the series, the news did not go unnoticed. In fact, since the replacement date was confirmed on the platform—this Tuesday, July 20— Its heroes and creators come out to speak as if it’s a brand new premiere National.

After back and forth over copyright issues, the day has finally come. From this week you revive the history referred to inSa Argentina caught in trouble – which led to the outbreak of December 2001 – Ricardo Riganti (Rodrigo de la Serna), Walter (Ariel Stalatari), Chicken (Diego Alonso) and El Chick (Franco Tiri).

Okupas Returns To The Screen Thanks To Streaming.

Okupas returns to the screen thanks to streaming.

Frontier portrait of Argentina in crisis

squat marked the beginning of “frontier” narratives through An honest portrait and very typical of the landscape of the deep social degradation that the country was experiencing in 2000, the year of its premiere on the old Channel 7.

conspiracy centered on that group of poor middle class youth and His adventures through the criminal world, drugs and friendship. The focus was on a twenty-year-old Ricardo who, at the request of a relative, takes care of an old house in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Congreso to prevent it from being occupied.

But throughout the eleven chapters, they are He and his friends who eventually become “occupiers” of the place. Kalpana had accepted the actor’s Abhishek motorcycle diary u pointer; And an excellent cover letter for the rest.

Squats, Starring Rodrigo De La Serna, Was The Actor'S Leap Of Popularity.

Squats, starring Rodrigo de la Serna, was the actor’s leap of popularity.

“I read the script for the first three chapters and It was pure literature. i was fascinated. there i said ‘It has to be done’Rodrigo said bugle Not long ago, recalling the role that allowed her to make great leaps in her career.

change of era in television

Bruno Stagnaro writing and directing came along Adrian Israel CaetanoPizza, Beer and Faso, which was released in theaters in 1997. The challenge was to transfer to television what was presented by film.

More than twenty years after its release, it is undeniable that squat proposed a novel beauty For the TV of the time, more realistic and far from the artificiality offered by the recording studios of the time.

he got it Going to record in the street, sometimes with a camera in hand and without permission, showing a different Buenos Aires, but highly recognizable. To give visibility to new faces, to another way of speaking, to a social problem and to a generation that was looking for its own direction. and above all, leaving an official mark stamp.

Bruno Stagnaro Produced And Directed Okupas In 2000.  He Was Only 27 Years Old.

Bruno Stagnaro produced and directed Okupas in 2000. He was only 27 years old.

“It was a moment in which it was assumed that somehow we were going to kind of break up. I would have loved that twenty years later we were in another context, and not in the context in which that feeling exists again,” They said. he said. Steganaro to Telam when the series turned twenty.

squat This idea was Del Sur’s first experiment. had nothing to do with video match. “We thought it was just another niche product. It was a condition”, explained Marcelo Tinelli. bugle few months ago.

Host recalled that, in his first fiction project, the production company gave a lot of creative freedom to filmmakers who were, for the most part, no more than 30 years old. Stagnaro, its producer and director, was barely 27 years old.

The Series Was Produced By Idea Del Sur.  It Was The Tinley Production Company'S First Project Outside Of Videomatch.

The series was produced by Idea del Sur. It was the Tinley Production Company’s first project outside of Videomatch.

“I love working with young people. You have to be given the opportunity. In this type of imagery or artistic expression, I don’t think experience gives you wisdom. On the contrary, it works against you. We had to put people up front to show us something we didn’t seeTinelli explained.

Pioneer and Award Winner

squat always believed a hinge fiction, a pioneer in addressing the issues of marginalized areas and left out by the system. Stagnaro recognized that “it is true that on TV this is a record that had yet to be passed”, and that “it was followed by a tour of ad nauseam.”

“It involved examining a language that did not yet exist on TV, but later, like everything else on TV, was cannibalized, standardized and transformed into a mere product,” he added in the same interview. Telam.

Airing On The Old Channel 7, The Series Proposed A Novel Aesthetic For Television At The Time.

Airing on the old Channel 7, the series proposed a novel aesthetic for television at the time.

“At the time it brought a lot of wind, but at the time I don’t think it marked a great milestone, because what eventually happened is that The same television machinery has exhausted the possibility of discovering new languages.“He thought.

With its powerful and already iconic testimony of the Menem era and its social consequences, Stripe wins three Martin Fierro Awards There were several duplications in its 2001 distribution and across different channels on the national grid.

A cult series with new music

sAnd it is done A cult series that still exists today and is making an impact with a group of loyal fans who remember it And it even brought it up to this point, turning its characters and its symbolic phrases into GIFs and memes that circulate on social networks, where it is constantly demanded that justice be done, being able to see it in a respectable quality. due to, which is much more than that can be found in youtube.

By this Tuesday 20, those nostalgic followers will be on Netflix to watch it Remastered and with a new soundtrack composed by Santiago BarrionuvoMILF band leader he killed a motorized cop.


Netflix’s Occupas comes with the remastered and new musical “Motorizado” from Santiago.

is that the original music of the series, which included songs from local groups and artists, but also foreign, It should have been modified due to some legal problems related to copyright Which meant its inclusion in the streaming giant.

In that sense, when the first rumors that Netflix was interested in acquiring the fiction spread in the middle of last year, Stagnaro called “Santi Motorizado” to work on the new soundtrack.