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Why “La Cotorrisa” would go to the World Cup as part of the TV Azteca team

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Why “La Cotorrisa” would go to the World Cup as part of the TV Azteca team Photo: Special/@lacotorrisa/@Fifa

Since the end of July, the successful podcast that is broadcast on Youtube, the parrot He positioned himself in the topics of conversation for his controversial “parody” with the death of the humorist, Paco Stanley. After this, the two members of the program, Jose Luis Slobotzky Y Ricardo Perez they had tried to keep a low profile until it was mentioned that they would be part of the TV Azteca broadcast for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

It was during the afternoon of last August 3 when the well-known Paul Chagra who is the creator of the portal “Gossipmillennial” confirmed on their social networks that the two controversial content creators They will be part of the bar that comedy that will present Aztec Sports in the world that will take place between November 21 and December 18, 2022.

Nevertheless, Jose Luis Slobotzkymain member of the parrot had already confirmed his participation in the World Cup with Aztec TV when he spoke in an interview with Werevertumorro in early 2022 when They still haven’t taken down their YouTube channel.

In that interview the also known as Slobotzky or Slobo shared that the Ajusco television station had already contacted them with total editorial independence to be part of the Azteca Deportes team for Qatar 2022 together with the always reliable quartet of Christian Martinoli, Jorge Campos, Luis García and Zague.

“Fortunately, with the shows we’ve given, we said ‘we’re going to buy the World Cup’ (his trip) (…) if a brand joins us, what the hell, but we don’t want to depend on ‘get up at five in the tomorrow to make a capsule because they are going to see it in Mexico at three in the afternoon’, with Aztec TVin a flexible and cool way *, they are going to let us make content in our own way, ”said Slobotzky.

It should be remembered that the comedy bar by Aztec Sports was harshly criticized by users of social networks during the 2018 World Cup in Russia when they were part of this Cap Perez, Facundo Y The Mascabrothers.

(Photo: YouTube/@TV Azteca Sports)
(Photo: YouTube/@TV Azteca Sports)

As expected the arrival of the parrot TV Azteca divided opinions on all social networks: “We are headed for the ugliest World Cup of all years”. “The worst decision that TV Azteca could have made prior to the World Cup in Qatar is to have chosen those who make ‘La Cotorrisa’ for its humor capsules.” “La Cotorrisa will go to the World Cup with TV Azteca, no way, to see it on TUDN”, are some comments recovered via Twitter.

Since 2020 the parrot became one of the most popular podcasts around Mexico and Latin America, is driven by Slobotzky and Ricardo Pereztwo standuperos who use this space to talk about the anecdotes that their followers share on social networks as well as to conduct interviews with personalities from the show business.

In recent times, on several occasions, social networks have been divided by the content of La Cotorrisa, however, and despite the criticism, this duo has continued to create content, although on some occasions they are pointed out by the media eye, as happened during the last July 21 when they made a ‘parody’ about the death of Paco Stanley.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

As in all World Cup editions aztec tvOh Televisa They have been characterized by inviting personalities from different fields to compete inch by inch for the World Cup rankings and, although Emilio Azcárraga’s company has not presented its comedy bar, the announcements have already begun, such as the incorporation of the former National Team strategist, Michael Herrera.

Another of the additions recently announced by the sports network TUDN was the arrival of the former Guadalajara coach, Matías Almeyda to analyze Mexico’s direct rivals during the group stage.


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