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Why Kim Kardashian didn’t join Pete Davidson in Miami for his NYE ​​show

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Even though Pete Davidson invited Kim Kardashian to join him in Miami for New Years Eve, she chose not to go – and now we know why.

Fans of Pierre Davidson and Kim kardashianThe steamy new romance was disappointed when they found out Pete, 28, and Kim, 41, had not spent New Years Eve together. Especially because so many fans were expecting a potential kiss between them when the clock struck midnight. HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY reported that Pete invited Kim to join him in Miami, where he co-hosted an NYE special with Miley Cyrus on NBC, but now we’ve learned that Kim has a really good reason not to make it to Sunshine State.

Why Kim Kardashian Didn'T Join Pete Davidson In Miami For His Nye ​​Show - Light Home News
Pete invited Kim to spend New Years Eve with him in Miami! (Shutterstock)

“Kim was about to go to Miami because she really wanted to be with Pete. She knew how much this gig meant to him and how much he wanted her to be there,” a source close to. The Kardashians star said HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He had asked her [to go to Miami] when they spent Christmas together in LA. But when she contacted Kanye [West] to ask if he would be available to babysit, Kanye replied that he would not be.

At the time, Kim had no idea of ​​Kanye’s plans, but she took her word at face value and made the decision to stay home with their four children. North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm Where is. “Kim knew that one of them had to be there with their children on New Years Eve because they had made a pact to always have one with the children on vacation,” our source explained. “Because Kanye said he had plans Kim canceled all tentative plans she had to go [to Miami] the 31st. Kim always puts her children first, no matter what.

But once Kim saw that Kanye was throwing his own party in Miami, she began to question her ex’s motives. “She feels that she is honest, straightforward and pure in her intentions, and he plays games. And just like [his recent] buying a house, his family thinks that’s just a little weird. She can’t wait for this divorce to be finalized, ”added our source.

It’s such a shame that Kim and Pete didn’t spend NYE together, but just let’s hope Kanye doesn’t interfere with their romance again in 2022.

Reference from hollywoodlife