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Why JoJo Siwa and ex-girlfriend Kylie Pre have sparked speculation they’re dating again

Why JoJo Siwa and ex-girlfriend Kylie Pre have sparked speculation they're dating again

The speculation started after Siwa posted a pic of the pair at Disney World.

Are Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prey back together? The pair sparked romance rumors after Siwa posted a photo of himself and his ex-girlfriend at Disney World.

In the photo slideshow shared on Instagram on Thursday, Siwa is seen holding Preev tightly as she places a kiss on his cheek, while another photo shows dance Moms The alum laughs in excitement as Pre tries to pick her up.

“If you love something then let it go, if it comes back….,” Siwa captioned the post.

The dancer and TV personality shared a few more photos from a Florida amusement park, as well as some stories from Prev, which featured the pair riding Splash Mountain and checking out the parks, the Wonders of Xander Pavilion. Were – in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy-themed EPCOT – ahead of the May 27 grand opening.

While Siwa’s rep told ET that the pair are no longer working together, they did not comment on any possible romance between the two.

Siwa and Pre parted ways in October after dating for less than a year.

When ET last spoke to Siwa in March, she was 18 dance with the starThe alum revealed that he is happy and in a new relationship.

“I’m double,” she joked Rachel Uncensored The host, Rachel Ballinger, when asked if she was single. She almost made the announcement via her Instagram bio after Siwa explained that she was inspired by the trend of adding a locked emoji and an unlocked emoji to your bio if you were single.

“I was really just going to erase my entire bio and just lock up,” she said of revealing. Ballinger celebrated the news by shouting, “She’s exclusive!”

“He is exclusive, ladies and gentlemen,” said Siwa. “We are not alone. I say ‘we are’ because it is me, my many personalities, and I am.”

She continued, “I’m not single, and I don’t want to mingle. I’m a loyal woman.”

Siwa didn’t share any details about her current relationship, but did note that she’s dating around and found the right one.

“I went around the block,” he quipped. “And I tried hard. And I learned a lot. And I’m very, very, very happy where I am now. It was a long walk. We are good and we are happy and that’s all that matters.”

See more on Siwa in the video below.

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