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Why is The 8 Million Steps the strongest card in El Trece?

No polka fictions and no ShowMatch on screen, the question and answer program directed and produced by Guido Kaczka became the battle horse of El Trece. With a daily average of 10 points, The 8 million steps usually the most viewed of the channel and is among the five most successful programs on broadcast television.

With two daily broadcasts (at 2:30 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.) and a playful continuity between one and the otherwhich boosts its rating, also has a version kidson Friday nights, where boys and girls participate together with an adult family member. A combo that Kaczka knows how to handle very well.

The format managed to find its comfortable space on the open TV grid, competing against Turkish soap operas, singing reality shows and various platforms. This Wednesday, in fact, was the most watched of the channel, with 9.5 on average.

With two daily broadcasts, it is the workhorse of El Trece.

With two daily broadcasts, it is the workhorse of El Trece.

Among the reasons for its effectiveness are: the job of the driver, the life stories of the participants who go in search of the million pesos and tell what they would invest it inthe heterogeneous and rotating jury, and the general culture questions that encourage the public to try themselves from home.

Y another very interesting hook of the proposal is that, in a certain situation of the game, the participants must choose which of their teammates is left out of the race or who has a chance to continue climbing. There something is released that combines strategy, empathy, solidarity or revenge.

This occurs when, in the stage of ascent of steps (there is a category for each one), the one who answered (or those who answered) must save one who, in principle, would be out of the contest.

Very attractive television pointin which the viewer is also tested with a kind of ‘What would I do? Would he save the one who knows the most and could be a tough opponent? The one who saved me earlier and I pay kindness back? The one with the best life story?’

Guido: empathic driver

With an important training that has been accumulating for years in daily driving, Kaczka already has the times of the program incorporated to the millimeter. His sympathy makes the participants, for the most part, loosen their nerves a little in front of cameras and, in addition, answering questions about their lives.

The driver knows, senses where to enter each one so that they tell something about their life and manages to sometimes dramatic situations come to light, others more funny, but always very emotional. After, manages to contain the emotion so that it does not overflow in the constant back and forth of questions and answers.

Guido Kaczka, host of The 8 million steps, the most watched of El Trece.

Guido Kaczka, host of The 8 million steps, the most watched of El Trece.

Ready to tackle any unforeseen event with participants who are not used to cameras, if it is ping pong with the little ones, Kaczka too demonstrates charisma to gain trust in a situation where anxiety prevails in the face of challenge. However, the job of the driver prevails and everything works perfectly.

life stories

Precisely what is exposed every day, behind the ping pong on general culture, are the individual stories, the people behind the participants. For this reason, many of those who go in search of the million achieve adhesion both in front of and behind the cameras, beyond the competition for who gets the prize.

Fix or finish a house, start your own business, help parents or children, help pay for surgery or treatment doctor, taking a long-delayed family trip are some of the dreams that each participant brings to the floor. Beyond the fact that some are more dramatic than others, Kaczka manages to make everyone feel good about their wishes to be fulfilled.

Even, more than once, the participants who have already won a first million (and, depending on the dynamics of the game, they can continue participating and adding millions until they make a mistake) give up their place to the next contestant in the “line” who may not have won it yet. Thus, competition is not at odds with solidarity.

Relaxed general culture

In the style of the old cycles of questions and answers on different topics, with the classic Odol Question at the head, The 8 million steps is in a column in that lane. In this sense, unlike others of its kind, Guido’s program comes closer to the game than the challenge in front of cameras.

Cinema, series, literature, soccer, tennis, motor racing, ecology, fashion, cooking, technology, biology, the human body, outer space, phrases, songs, history, geography, science, all topics take place in the cycle that Kaczka drives.

In the case of younger participants, the questions are age-appropriate, but no less challenging for that. Children are often surprised by their knowledge and the commitment they show during their participation.

Nicole Neumann, one of the jurors of The 8 Million Steps.  TV Capture

Nicole Neumann, one of the jurors of The 8 Million Steps. TV Capture

Jury of all colors

One of the pillars of the cycle are the juries that jump from one time slot to the other, interspersing each other. It is made up of Carmen Barbieri, Nicole Neumann, Santiago Do Rego, Gino Tubaro, Ingrid Grudke, Jimena Monteverde, sports journalists Martín Liberman and Walter Nelson and other figures who they go as guests.

the jurors go into action when the two finalists reach the head-to-head instance to take the million. Following the logic of the program, in terms of the variety of topics, each one in its field, form a very heterogeneous arc of personalitiesprofessions and styles, which offer participants a question with four options.

Prizes for all tastes

The 8 million steps, a prime time classic.

The 8 million steps, a prime time classic.

The great incentive of the million pesos, in this case, has the extra condiment that it can be multiplied by two, three or the millions that the participant manages to accumulate, if he continues in the race.

But in the version kidsthe prize is much more tempting for the smaller participants, since they can win a trip to Disneyaccompanied by a family member.

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