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Why is Bendita one of the longest-running programs on open TV and the most watched on Elnueve?

One Two Three….seventeen seasons has been on the air blessed, the cycle that leads (from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm) Beto Casella by Elnueve. Slowly, with a low profile and a lot of identity, the program managed to settle comfortably in the prime time of open television and today -as the most watched on that channel- it became his battle horse.

From 2006 to todaythe magazine was characterized by permanently renewing its panelists, except for the historical Edith Hermida, but without changing its essence for that. With a daily average of 4.5 rating points, well above the average of the channel (which does not exceed 2.5), usually ranks third, behind Telefe and El Trece.

The program has several things going for it, including the fact of “marrying no one” and take advantage of all the material that television in general provides, day by day, to keep an eye on the scandal, the controversy or the unusual, always appealing to humor and avoiding sensitive topics such as politics. A balm at the end of the day in the midst of an overwhelming reality.

Bendita is already in season number 17, by Elnueve.

Bendita is already in season number 17, by Elnueve.

The driver, his trademark

Beto Casella found, in the format of blessedthe last of your shoe. At the head of the cycle from the first day, he knows how to give the right timing to each topic and each block. His journalistic flair allows him to discover totally different characters and give them a space on his panel.

conductor style, allows everyone to contribute their own, but without losing control of the team at any time. If a panelist does not perform, another one arrives. With very few exceptions, no one slams the door, rather they leave quietly and give their place to someone new.

With a very particular style of humor, Casella constantly appeals to irony, but, if necessary, he knows how to get serious and mark a position. For several seasons, Casella He is accompanied by one of his sons, Franco, who went from playing songs on the piano to being behind the camera and now, too, in a segment of the cycle, “Blessed Premium”.

Beto Casella drove Bendita from his home during the 2020 quarantine.

Beto Casella drove Bendita from his home during the 2020 quarantine.

Panelists of all colors

Throughout these seventeen seasons, blessed it added dozens of panelists, of different personalities, professions and completely diverse opinions, famous and anonymous. Many had in the cycle of Elnueve your platform to start making yourself known.

Currently, Beto is accompanied, interspersed throughout the week, by Edith Hermida, who acts as driver when Casella is absent; the journalists Horacio Pagani, Any Ventura and Lola Cordero, and the model and lawyer Alejandra Maglietti.

Also the psychologist Gabriel Cartañá, the actress Tamara Pettinato, the non-verbal communication specialist Hugo Lescano, the actor Ezequiel Campa, the producer “Tano” Nieto and the Italian stewardess Laura “La Tana” Grassi.

But in all these years, by the panel of blessed passed from Jorge Lafauci and Fabián Doman to Santiago del Moro and Analía Franchín.

Beto Casella with several of his panelists throughout 17 seasons.

Beto Casella with several of his panelists throughout 17 seasons.

Among many others, Toti Ciliberto, Teto Medina, Rodrigo Lussich, Evelyn Von Brocke, Aníbal Pachano, Gastón Recondo, Mauricio D’Alessandro, Tom Lupo, José María Muscari, Mariela Fernández, Claudio Pérez Walter Queijeiro, Florencia de the V, Nacho Goano Tití Fernández, Mercedes Ninci, Carla Czudnowsky, Nancy Pazos, Ivana Nadal and Victoria “Juariu” Braier.

The farewell phrase of the air every night, by Casella, refers to the technical team: “The best is behind the camera”says the driver. For this reason, the cast also includes the announcers who, unlike other programs, join as one more panelist. Mario de Candia, Pablo Molinari, Carla Bonfante and, currently, Mariano Flax passed through the microphone.

Deluxe Edition

Another characteristic that, at this point, already works as a registered trademark of blessed is the edition which, on a daily basis, allows a screenshot of everything that happened on the rest of televisionMainly, and also on social networks.

Nobility obliges, the work done by the editing team of the Casella program is unique in Argentine television. It has archive material, news, humour, opinion and an exact rhythm. In the hands of publishers, any subject becomes ingenious and, many times, hilarious. In fact, many of the phrases used as separators They are already a genre in themselves.

Dividers that are classic

The phrases that function as separators and accompany the edition of each report have already become famous, beyond the characters who pronounced them and today identify the program, and They even circulate outside the television sphere.

Bendita goes from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. on Elnueve.  Photo Capture TV

Bendita goes from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. on Elnueve. Photo Capture TV

Some of them are: Give it, put it (Jacob Winograd), stop a bit, crazy! (Carmen Barbieri), But what does it say?‘ (Matías Ale); ‘Nacho, grab your pants… (Ricardo Canaletti); ‘Do not even think about it! (Anibal Pachano); Enough guys! (Ricardo Fort); If you have balls, say so! (Graciela Alfano); Well, what do you want me to answer you? (Karina Jelineck).

And also, Why so much evil? (Silvio Soldan); This is a huge sentence‘ (José Pablo Feinmann); I think he was wrong, I think (Santiago Bal); They have my balls full (Luisa Albinoni), Please enough! (Nazarena Velez).

There are so many that the list is immense, but we must not forget some such as: There’s going to be a quilombo… a qui-lom-bo! (Guido Suller),How is it going? (Carlos Salvador Bilardo); It is unbearable!!!’ (Susana Giménez) and the girl with the mobile Chronicle in a park: How was that for you, huh?

More famous (and not so much) that also contributed their catchphrase to this list of phrases are Oscar Mediavilla, Chiche Gelblung, Diego Maradona (with several), Moria Casán, Mirtha Legrand, José Sanfilippo, Mónica Farro, Sofía Gala Castiglione, Sergio “Kun” Agüero, Verónica Castro, Luis Brandoni and Wanda Nara’s fan.

Some of these hoses became so popular that they were reverted and, even, at a special request for the cycle, in the mouths of other celebrities, such as Mike Amigorenao Federico Bal. The most repeated, without a doubt: ‘!hold on, blessed!’.

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