Why is Akshay’s film called ‘Laxmi Bomb’? During the controversy, director Raghav Lawrence told the story behind the title, saying, ‘I wanted to name it’ Kanchan ‘.

The film’s director Raghav Lawrence has revealed the story behind his name amidst the ongoing controversy over Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Laxmi Bomb’. At first they wanted to keep the title of the film as ‘Kanchan’ like the original Tamil version, but then Laxmi replaced it with a bomb.

Changed title to appeal to Hindi audience
In an interview, Raghav Lawrence said, “Our Tamil film was named after the main character Kanchana.” Kanchan means gold, which is a form of Lakshmi. Initially we wanted to name Hindi as a remake, but we decided that if the name should appeal to the Hindi audience, what better word than Lakshmi! By the grace of God, Kanchan had an explosion in this film. That is why we named the Hindi remake Laxmi Bomb. Just as Lakshmi cannot forget the bomb blast, similarly the lead character transgender Lakshmi is also powerful and stunning. Hence the name is perfect for this film.

Why does the story emphasize the transgender community?
In an interview, Raghav said, “I run a trust and some transgender people approached my trust for help. When I heard the story, I wanted to tell Laxmi’s character in her film to everyone with the help of her character “After watching the film, the audience will understand what I am talking about.”

What is the controversy of the film?
In Lakshmi Bomb, Akshay Kumar plays the role of a character named Asif. Who marries Priya (Kiara Advani), a Hindu girl. After this revelation, the film is being accused of love-jihad. He is also accused of insulting Goddess Lakshmi in the name of the film.

Campaigns were repeatedly launched against the film on social media and a boycott was also called for. The film will be released on November 9 on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hot Star.