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Why Dracula, the musical that made history in Argentina, keeps capturing us

There is a legion of fans who follow each character and know the integrity of the work by heart. The Dracula Fan Club accumulates followers on Facebook and Instagram. They configure a space to share unpublished audio and video material from all seasons, discuss experiences and experiences about “Dracula, The Musical.”

@sientoenloquecer was created as a tribute. “I saw the musical as a kid, when my aunt worked at Luna Park, and awoke in me the love for art”, tells Christian, the manager of the IG account to Clarion.

Elisa Bárbara Epstein Yemal confesses to having seen it more than 70 times. In 91/92 she founded a fan group that was born among more than 100 fans of draculawho, at the end of the show, waited for the actors to meet them, ask for autographs and take photos.

“We were a heterogeneous group, but united by the same passion. At that time there were no networks or cell phones, everything was face-to-face. We met in some house, we listened to the cassette, then the cd and we represented part of the work. Each one had their character and we even made our costumes”, dusts off Silvina Taus, a member of the historic group that today moved to Facebook (“Fans of Dracula, the musical by Cibrián&Mahler and Juan Rodó”) and already has 5.1 thousand members.

What’s the point of immortality if you’re not by my side?”, a famous phrase that moves the public to tears because it alludes to someone who leaves power and sacrifices himself so as not to destroy his love. “With the kiss scene in the song “Mina Duo: Dracula” I burst into tears every time I see it. It hurts me that love that is not. Who dares to challenge this moment”, posts another follower.

30 years after his birth, the Cibrián-Mahler creature enchants, captivates, seduces and fascinates with the same mystery as always.

A wake that will have no end.

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