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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Why does Don Francisco ‘work’ for Uber?

  • Images of Don Francisco as a ‘chauffeur’ come to light
  • Unleash comments from followers
  • Is this your new job now?

It was through social networks that a video was broadcast in which the retired popular Chilean driver of ‘Sábado Gigante’ appears ‘working’ as a driver, however users wonder: Why does Don Francisco ‘work’ for Uber?, we tell you the details .

Without a doubt, one of the most famous faces on Hispanic television is Don Francisco, due to his extensive career and recognized work in the media. However, his recent appearance on social networks gave much to talk about.

Why does Don Francisco ‘work’ for Uber?

Why does Don Francisco 'work' for Uber?

It is a possible new profession in which the talent from Chile would now venture, causing the astonishment of hundreds of users on social networks and followers of Don Francisco, because they would not imagine seeing him in this new facet.

Likewise, for many others it was not a surprise, since it is known that celebrities also venture into “entrepreneurship” and look for alternatives other than the media to generate higher profits and survive.

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