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Why did Juan Gabriel not get along with Vicente Fernández?

This Sunday marks the sixth death anniversary of John Gabrielwho died in 2016 due to a heart attack, so it is a good time to tell why he did not have a good relationship with another of the country’s great musical idols, Vicente Fernandez.

Several years ago, his own Charro from Huentitan took it upon himself to reveal the reason for his enmity with the Divo from Juarez during an interview with Pati Chapoy for the program windowing.

New posthumous song by Juan Gabriel with El Recodo; so you can listen to it

“One day someone asked me: ‘Do you dislike Juan Gabriel?’ I feel that it’s not me if I lie, and I told him: ‘I don’t know how to lie, yes I don’t like him, but I’m not a sato of his devotion either, so we’re even‘”, Vicente said at the beginning of the conversation with the entertainment journalist.

Then, the singer recalled how their dispute began: “Once I invited him to eat at the house and he is a vegetarian, and it bothered me a lot because Cuca brought him a Japanese chef, friend of ours to make him food that he could eat because we had never met. He spoke to me and said: ‘Hey, fat man, I want to see your ranch,’ that was about 10 years ago. So I told him: ‘Yes, Juan, right now I’m in charge of you, what hotel are you in’”.

“He arrived, he got to know the ranch, we were eating and Cuca, naively, asked him: ‘Mr. Juan, vegetarianism is one thing, but do you believe in God?’ Y He replied to my wife very stupid: ‘Ay güerita, I believe in myself and only in me’. Then my wife stopped and she no longer came down to say goodbye ”he added.

Then they met at a tribute to Vicente, and there Juan Gabriel insisted that they make a record together, but Vicente’s father Alexander Fernandez rejected the idea: “The public is very jealous and since Vicente Fernández is supposedly the representative of Mexican music, they will not accept Vicente and Juan Gabriel together very well, or maybe they will think that I am also from the same team. People are very jealous and I think that seemed wrong to him.”

“Later they interviewed him in Primer Impacto: ‘What did you think of what Vicente Fernández said about you?’, about my wife’s anecdote, and I heard it, he said: ‘Ah, this Fernandez boy.’ How what boy? I am Mr. Fernández, for you it hangs…”Vincent concluded.

Did Vicente Fernández and Juan Gabriel reconcile?

The relationship between the singers improved before the death of Juan Gabriel, as confirmed by the brother-in-law and great friend of Divo from JuarezJesus Salasin an interview with windowing: “Before Alberto died, we were working in Mérida, and Vicente Chico and I were able to put them in contact by phone after they had never spoken.”

“They talked for an hour and a half and it was a friendly conversation, they flowered, it was very nice, Vicente even invited him to his ranch, they had a pending video, they were going to do it there, unfortunately it was not due to Alberto’s work, but they had the good intention of being together. (…) They did not agree on things, but they quietly admired each other.”, he added.


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