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Why did “El Hummer” supposedly destroy Valentín Elizalde? (Photographs)

  • This is how the death of the Mexican singer was lived
  • The alleged formal variation of the tragic situations
  • Why was “El Hummer” blamed for the demise of Valentín Elizalde?

The Hummer Valentín Elizalde: 16 many years just after the tragic occasion of the loss of life of the “Golden Rooster” numerous have questioned what the official version of the death of Valentín Elizalde is. The horrible tragedy took position on the morning of November 25, 2006 on the outskirts of Palenque from the Expo-Good in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Although it is still in the memory of the hundreds of followers who loved the interpreter from Navojoa, Sonora, several have connected the edition that “El Hummer” was supposedly the one who was responsible for the murder of the artist, supposedly, below we tell you the formal edition .

The Hummer Valentín Elizalde: This is how his murder was expert

The Hummer Valentin Elizalde

depending on the medium BandmaxThat cold morning, Valentín Elizalde was attacked by 3 adult men who blocked the route of the truck in which he was touring, and then proceeded to carry out much more than 70 detonations that claimed the loss of life of the singer.

Likewise, his driver Raymundo Ballesteros and his representative Mario Mendoza also unsuccessful to endure the bloody assault carried out by these alleged male suspects. And in accordance to official stories there had been at the very least 20 pictures that Valetín Elizalde precisely been given. Submitted Underneath: The Hummer Valentin Elizalde

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