Home Entertainment Why did Alex Turner, leader of the Arctic Monkeys, become a trend?

Why did Alex Turner, leader of the Arctic Monkeys, become a trend?

Why did Alex Turner, leader of the Arctic Monkeys, become a trend?

After Alex Turner, the leader of Arctic Monkeys, became a trend, fans remembered details of him.

MEXICO.- Alex Turner, UK band lead singer Arctic monkeys became a trend on January 6th, but some internet users weren’t aware why the representative musician of the free music scene It was a social media problem.

But the reason for it Alex Turner it was on everyone’s lips basically because that day Turned 36 years old, and to take advantage of the fact that the fans are celebrating another year of life of the composer, who is also several generations captivated and inspired, we remember some curious facts about the interpreter of “Do I Wanna Know”.

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The song Alex Turner hates but wrote for Arctic Monkeys

Born in Sheffield, England in 2005 and as published in Rock & Pop, that was revealed hates and don’t want to know anything about the song “I bet you look good on the dance floor”, Subject that became one of the band’s emblematic songs and was considered one of the most important rock songs of the century.

Alex Turner He mentioned that this song did not correspond to the majority of the group’s repertoire, as he assured him that he got it “out of the trash”. However, he admitted that he found it ironic that this was so his first big hit.

“It sucks # $% &. Words are nonsense. I took them from the bottom of the trash. It can be a popular song. But I would hate to be known only for that song, “he said The guard In the same year.

A big fan of Gabriel García Márquez

Some certainly didn’t know that Alex Turner is enthusiastic about the works of Gabriel García Marquez. In an interview, the singer speaks of Arctic monkeys He mentioned that the Colombian writer’s “magical realism” was an inspiration when composing the album AM (2013).

He assured The Guardian that: “I’ve read A Hundred Years of Solitude and I think that afterwards the inspiration came to me “.

A punk poet shaped his style

The interpreter of “Teddy Picker” has pointed out several times that the Poems by John Cooper Clarke, an underground and rebellious poet, shaped his style and even his music, because the song “I Wanna Be Yours” is a Clarke poem set to music.

Likewise, it is rumored that the admiration of Alex Turner to John Cooper Clarke it’s so much what i would have tattooed his name, but this information is something that has not been confirmed.

The rock group that would have motivated you

In accordance with Indie today, Turner traveled to Manchester from his home in Sheffield to attend his first rock concertin which he enjoyed the presentation by the Australian group The vines. Years later Alex I would confess how much Craig Nicholls shocked him.

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