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Why Britney Spears has decided not to follow Sister Jamie Lynn anymore: she will not enter 2022 with “luggage”

Britney Spears; Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears has stopped following her younger sister on Instagram, and sources say her reason for doing so is her family’s complicity in the guardianship.

Britney spears, 40, started the year 2022 by abandoning her sister Jamie lynn spears, 30, on Instagram. Jamie Lynn apparently still follows the ‘Stronger’ singer, who has been estranged from her family, including her mother. Lynne spears and dad Jamie spears, due to the 13-year guardianship which ended in November. A source close to Britney said EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife that the pop star’s social media move against her sister has only further cemented the rift that exists between Britney and her loved ones.

“Britney does not intend to reconcile with her sister, mother or father at the moment and she does not imagine having a future with any of them, as they are all, directly or indirectly, responsible years of psychological torment. she’s been through, “explained the insider.” They all allowed this to continue knowing it was hurting her. She doesn’t see how it will be forgivable because without her fans and those who really love her, she would always be under guardianship.

Britney;  Jamie Lynn
Britney Spears; Jamie Lynn Spears (Photo: Shutterstock)

The source also said that Jamie Lynn “has moved forward” with his plans to publish his next memoir, What i should have said. But Britney “doesn’t want to be part of this story” involving her sister’s revealer, our source said. “She wants to live her own life and focus on herself, her children and her marriage plans with sat [Asghari]. She is finally in a good place in her life and no longer needs her family to try to put her down.

HL also learned from a second source that following the end of Guardianship Britney is fully focused on moving forward in life, but without Jamie Lynn and her family. “Britney has gone through some incredible changes in her life over the past year and she feels like she has really made a life of it,” the source explained. “She is with the man of her dreams, the guardianship is over and she is excited to start this new chapter. But at this point in her life, that means she wants to let go of anything that doesn’t contribute to her positivity and new outlook on life. Britney didn’t want to come into 2022 with baggage or negativity, and she decided that no longer following her sister was a piece of the puzzle she needed to remove.

In recent months, Britney has directly and indirectly challenged those close to him on social networks. She recently opened up about the reasons she took such a long musical hiatus with a new post on her Instagram on December 28. ignoring my real job, ”Britney wrote. “It’s like I subconsciously let them win.” She also explained how Jamie Lynn was allowed to perform her music at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. “They even gave my sister remixes, but why have I always been told no? Britney said. “So much time wasted just to embarrass and humiliate myself and I guess it seems strange to most now why I don’t even make music anymore.”

Reference from hollywoodlife