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Why Billy Eichner Is Proud of ‘Bros’: ‘We’re Telling a Story Again Alive Ever Seen’ (Exclusive)

Why Billy Eichner Is Proud of 'Bros': 'We're Telling a Story Again Alive Ever Seen' (Exclusive)

Eichner co-wrote and stars in the first gay rom-com to be released by a major movie studio.

“It’s been really thrilling,” Billy Eichner told ET’s Kevin Frazier at the CinemaCon 2022 Big Screen Achievement Awards, where he was named Comedy Star of the Year. The recognition comes in the form of Eichner – who is the breakout star. has gone from billy on the street One of Ryan Murphy’s ensemble leads — for BrothersThe first gay romantic comedy released by a major studio.

Not only that, but the upcoming R-rated comedy, co-written by Eichner and Nicholas Stoller, who also directs, features a cast made up entirely of LGBTQ actors, from Luke MacFarlane to Harvey Feuerstein to Bowen Yang. is artist.

,Brothers Means a lot to me. It’s the thing I’m most proud of that I’ve ever done,” Eichner says, explaining that “it’s just telling a story unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a rom-com at this level. And I think, given the initial responses we got and the initial screenings we’ve done, it’s really special. ,

He added, “Honestly I was surprised to know how much people are loving the film. Also, they are very impressed with the film, which I didn’t even expect.”

Some of the reactions Eicher is referring to came from attendees at CinemaCon, where Universal Pictures previewed the first trailer for the film, which is scheduled for a theatrical release on September 30. After watching this, ET’s own Meredith Kyle wroteThe BROS trailer is super cute and meta, featuring your favorite tones. Excited to learn to ‘dance down’ for straight guys everywhere.

And considering the types of movies that are in theaters now, including “two movies about a talking elephant,” which is something Eichner pointed out during his presentation. BrothersIt’s amazing that this movie was even made. “It’s rare to have a comedy that’s actually funny,” he says now, especially noting that “people have gone out of their way to watch a big Marvel movie.”

Fortunately for Eicher, he was backed by Judd Apatow, who serves as a producer with Stoller. ,[Judd] There’s a long history of making great comedies,” the actor says, explaining that both “people really know how to make a big studio comedy, even though they’ve never done one about a gay couple before.”

And it was with their help that Eichner was able to land Brothers on Universal. “They taught me how to frame a film for a big studio, it was very helpful,” he says. “But I must say, I was too scared to go to Universal and pitch it. I just assumed they would respectfully pass it on and we would make it for a streamer or for an indie company that Would have been great.”

“But from the beginning,” he continues, “everyone at Universal was so supportive and said, ‘We’ve wanted to make this movie for a really long time. We just haven’t got a story or a script or a team of people to think about. I can get really excited.’”

Ultimately, the studios, like Eicher, who grew up loving romantic comedies but never saw themselves reflected onscreen or always on edge, simply wanted to make a film that was “authentic and real and true”, He says, “And it is. And I’m really proud of that and I’m really grateful.”

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