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Why are flower shops open 24 hours a day?

We stop to ask about flower shops in any corner of the Autonomous City, and public knowledge is not required: “They sell drugs. Once they told me about 24-hour vegetable and flower shops.”

Perhaps, in any case, the price of carnations is more scandalous.

doubt more doubt

Who buys flowers on Tuesday at 3:40 am?Is there a logical explanation (besides medicines) for why flower shops remain open till late at night?

“I don’t know why I get the illusion that flower shops sell drugs,” says author and journalist Guillermo Pirro, an undoubted propagator of urban legends.

There is a certain tradition that, at night, the flower shops of Buenos Aires sell other types of flowers…

,Nah:That’s Chamuyo, This is for those who want to bring flowers to the funeral, There is no specific time or hour for this. wakes up! When they see a dead person, it starts at night and ends at dawn, when they take him to the funeral.”

Most say that it is cheaper and more convenient to hire a night watchman than to keep all the flowers.  order photo ferdinand

Most say that it is cheaper and more convenient to hire a night watchman than to keep all the flowers. order photo ferdinand

mario spizucoflower shop dahlias, Paraguay 4600, is a serial debunker. Along with his family, he has been in the area since 1947. He is one of the pioneers of the “or something like that” 24 hour flower shop.

“I noticed that yellow Pages80s decade: open 24 hours, it was about 24 hours a lie, but we had a telephone to be permanently available. Marketing was important. The first wake lasted 12, 16 hours.

Indeed, for him gives flowers: the power of persistence. To be, to be, to be twenty four hours. whole day. all week. All fucking month.

perplexing question

There is a huge flower shop in Cabaldo and Lacroix which is growing in width.

– Excuse me, good morning, what medicines do you sell at night?

-How?? -They definitely cross-examine us by imagining a hidden camera.

– You know, there are people who think …

Yes, I heard, but at least we don’t sell drugs – he smiles, doesn’t cry.

louis has been nominated. Local attends in 12 hours. There they sell flowers and plants. ,people buy more plants than flowers Because flower prices fluctuate a lot: one that costs $300 now, may be worth a thousand next week.” That’s why? “I couldn’t tell you”.

As of March 2021 and there were 331 flower stalls in the CABA.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden.

As of March 2021 and there were 331 flower stalls in the CABA. Photo: Fernando de la Orden.

– What is the need to be open round the clock?

– The stall size is too small and may not fit what we have. Preferably open all day. We have permission for this.

A treatise on nocturnal flower shops was published by a graduate in chemistry and journalist Nicolas Gonzalez, He became obsessed with the subject: Why don’t flower shops in Buenos Aires close at night? Investigated. He did fieldwork and his experience . published in Buenos Aires agenda, employees, they say, who They work as “the pacifiers taking care of the goods”. that they cannot save.

The case of Cabaldo and Lacroix is ​​a witness. The premises are minimal, instead the business makes its way like a Russian tank.

Gonzalez consulted the database of the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space. As of March 2021, CABA had 331 flower stalls. “Of them all that sells the most are the flowers, but the one that gives the most profit are the plants. The average monthly billing for a position is 200 thousand pesos.

“Yes, I already know the urban legend, but at least we don’t sell drugs,” he says at the Cabaldo and Lacroix stand.

Santa Fe Avenue

,Vendors on Santa Fe Avenue, from Bulnes to Puerredon, agree: Eight thousand pesos on a good day and three thousand on a bad day, These benefits increase in the key months—Gonzalez said—: Teacher’s Day, Secretary’s Day and September for spring. And for October, Mother’s Day. Another day of many sales is March 8, International Women’s Day.

There are prejudices with those who work at night. They are half gothic characters. It is said in a low voice that some night flower shop workers are people who have come out of psychiatric institutions.

In the case of Cabaldo and Pampa, isabelle, A man’s love: “It is true of the preservation of flowers. Keeping them is a mess, it is better that someone takes care of them so that they do not go bankrupt … I’m honest, sometimes intoxication appears” . Is the idea that flower shops sell established medicines? “I don’t think so, but He asked me Paco”,

Veteran police journalist Sebastian Domenech collaborates with us: “Look, I’ve never had to cover any sort of matter break flower shops, I consulted a very reliable source and they told me that they have never had to deal with a drug issue related to flower shops. Furthermore, he clarified that it is cheaper for him to hire a worker to take care of the business than to keep all the flowers in a small stand. However, let me tell you that I bought flowers at six o’clock in the morning…”,

Adele is in position twenty four hours From Callao and Arenales, The day is shared between her and her family, including her husband, a flower grower.

-Do they sell a lot of flowers at night?


Then why are they open all day?

-Because we live in Villa Elisa and it is not convenient for us to disarm. It’s better to take someone who covers the hours until morning.

-Did they ever ask you if you sold drugs?

– We had an employee, I won’t name you, who smoked and once sold marijuana. We had to remove it…

-How did you know?

– For the neighbors. They love us very much in the locality.

A few meters ahead, Dani’s place. Callao and Santa Fe. just in the corner. Ezekiel comes to us, a boy who knew how to work at night and now talks to us under the midday sun. “Thirty years that we open 24 hours a day”.

The florists who are open 24 hours a day have the reputation of selling something else. Have you heard the rumour?

-Yes. Sometimes it happened to me with people who stopped here and asked me if they could “hit” Faso. I never understood the reason for the question. Maybe later he went to the newspaper stand and asked the same thing…


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