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Whoopi Goldberg will be absent from ‘The View’ for ‘a while’: Here’s why

Whoopi Goldberg will go away sight “For a while,” his co-host, Joy Behar, announced during Monday’s show.

Behr told viewers that Goldberg, 66, is busy shooting the upcoming Amazon series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2005 fantasy novel. Anansi Boys, Behar calls it a film, but it’s actually a six-episode order, according to varietyCurrently in production in Scotland.

“If you’re wondering where Whoopi is, the girl has a movie she’s making and she’ll be back when she finishes whatever she’s doing,” Behr said. “So, she’s gone for a while.” Goldberg, who is set to play Bird Woman in the series, said variety How excited she was to be a part of this project.

“I’ve been a fan of this book for a very long time and when Neil Gaiman told me that it was going to be brought to the screen, I wanted to be a part of it to help make people aware of Anansi and all their magic. did everything for it,” she said.

Gaiman also told variety That she had seen Whoopi play Bird Woman decades ago and long before she met him.

“When I First Conceived Anansi BoysDecades ago, I imagined Whoopi Goldberg as Bird Woman,” explains the English writer variety, “I wasn’t able to meet her until 2018, when she interviewed me with some lucky cue The team at New York Comic Con. At what point did he mention that he had just finished listening to Sir Lenny Henry’s reading Anansi Boys, and it was one of his favorite books. Sometimes things seem planned and unavoidable, and we’re incredibly lucky. She’s going to be scary.”

Hakim Kay-Kazim, Emmanuel Ighodaro, Cecilia Noble and Ayana Witter-Johnson are some of the other actors. Gaiman will serve as the show’s writer, executive producer and co-showrunner.

It is unclear how long Goldberg will be away from the daytime talk show. She’s definitely been busy, since the beginning of Season 2. Star Trek: Picard Feather To be a part of Paramount+ new animated film Luck (Streaming August 5) for AppleTV+.

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