Home Entertainment Whoopi Goldberg tests positive for COVID-19, ‘The View’ returns to virtual tapings

Whoopi Goldberg tests positive for COVID-19, ‘The View’ returns to virtual tapings

Whoopi Goldberg tests positive for COVID-19, 'The View' returns to virtual tapings

The view started a virtual show in 2022 after Whoopi Goldberg tested positive for COVID-19. On Monday, co-host Joy Behar shared the news with viewers.

“Why am I here instead of Whoopi?” She said. “Well, Whoopi unfortunately tested positive during the break, but she will probably be back next week. But since she was vaccinated and pimped up, the symptoms have been very, very mild, but we’re super careful here at The view. “

The broadcast on Monday, which went via the virtual setup from the homes of the panel, included the co-presenters Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines. Anna Navarro also joined the ladies. Nobody was brought in to replace Goldberg.

In addition to the update on Goldberg, the women shared how COVID-19 and the Omicron variant messed up their vacation plans.

Navarro stated that her plans to take in her father and over 20 other family members for the Christmas holidays and birthday had to be postponed when her father tested positive. Days later, she said he had tested negative and could fly in on New Year’s Day and give her “the best New Year present” she had ever received.

Haines added that after she traveled to Florida with her two oldest children prior to vacation and “made it okay” she returned home to a “COVID-positive husband”. After quarantining her family home, Haines and her children tested negative four times and her husband is now clear.

Behar noted that she had a “pretty decent” Christmas party planned, but decided to cancel as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Hostin, who lost her two in-laws to COVID-19 in late 2020 and early 2021, has been talking about her “very tough” vacation after testing positive and spending Christmas and New Years with her husband and children on FaceTime had to .

Her mother also tested positive. However, Hostin’s husband, children and father all remained negative.

“I am so grateful that I was vaccinated and boosted because I only had cold symptoms,” she said. “But I didn’t feel great.”

With the Omicron variant continuing to cause spikes across the country, there is no update on how long The view remains virtual.


Reference from etonline