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Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin Test Positive for COVID-19, Forcing ‘The View’ to Return to Isolation

Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin Test Positive for COVID-19, Forcing 'The View' to Return to Isolation

After Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin tested positive for COVID-19, “The View” returned to filming in isolation amid the booming Omicron variant.

Being back in the studio was probably fun while it lasted, but View resumed filming in isolation on January 3, after the hosts Whoopi goldberg and Sunny hostin tested positive for COVID-19 amid the booming Omicron variant. The two hosts, who are doubly vaccinated and boosted, have since recovered from the virus, but the ABC show still made the decision to film remotely at least until the end of this week. Whoopi will also take a few days off while she recovers from the illness.

Joy Béhar, who acts as moderator this week, opened Monday’s show – after a two-week hiatus – with news of the show’s new COVID protocols. “Well, they say there is no place like home to vacation!” And that is exactly where we are today. So, Happy New Year to all of our salons, ”she said with a laugh. “As you can see, we’re back in boxes and doing the show from a distance. I just hope for a week. I pray it’s only a week, but you never know, because this Omicron thing is all over the place.

She continued, “Why am I here instead of Whoopi? Well Whoopi unfortunately tested positive during the break. But she will be back, probably next week. Since she was vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms are very mild. We are very careful here at View, and we’ll be checking in with her soon, so you’ll see Whoopi too.

Although Sunny also fell ill, luckily she was able to keep the rest of her family from falling ill. She explained: “We had a very difficult vacation. I too tested positive for COVID just before Christmas. I was isolated on my own, I FaceTimed with my family for Christmas and New Years. It was extremely difficult. My mom also tested positive for COVID. We’re all negative now, and thank goodness Manny, the kids, and my dad were negative.

Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Test Positive For Covid-19, Forcing 'The View' To Return To Isolation - Light Home News
Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin (ABC)

Sadly, Whoopi and Sunny weren’t the only ones getting sick. Sara haines later revealed that her husband had also tested positive for COVID while on vacation, so it’s probably a good thing that View keeps co-hosts safe at home.

Watch a clip from today’s episode above.

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