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Who’d say? This is the little-known friendship between Luis Miguel and Marc Anthony

Nowadays, Luis Miguel is one of the most successful singers in Mexico who has managed to stay away from the public domain. Therefore, his personal life has become a mystery as he has been away from the stage for several years.

It’s through statements or publications of other artists such as Salma Hayek or Marc Anthony that makes it known that the Sun of Mexico have some celebrity friends and one of these relationships that surprised the most was with the salsa singer Marc Anthony.

However, little is known about their friendship, as both artists have never officially spoken about their relationship. In addition to the few existing photos with the artists together.

How did the friendship of Luis Miguel and Marc Anthony come about?

The first time that Luis Miguel and Marc Anthony were caught together was in 2017when Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband shared a photo on his social networks next to Luis Miguel, writing: “Get ready for this coming year.”

According to some reporters, The singers were captured at a celebration to say goodbye to 2017 aboard a yacht in Miami with mariachi

Although Luis Miguel never reacted to Marc Anthony’s publications, several fans deduced that the artists worked on a project together. However, the plan never materialized.

Three years later, the interpreter of your love does me good again gave clues about his relationship with Luis Miguel, posting a video on Instagram with the compilation of several photos where he appeared with the singer of now you can go on the occasion of celebrating his birthday:

“Great memories with the great and unique Luis Miguel,” Marc Anthony wrote on social media.

To date, none of the artists have confirmed if they have a friendship. For its part, Luis Miguel has stayed away from the public eye for a couple of yearsTherefore, little is known about his private life.

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