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Who will pay tribute in this year’s edition?

Today returns the Martin Fierro Awards, the main award that highlights the most important productions of Argentine television. The broadcast of the ceremony Telefe. will be done by Live from the Hilton Hotel at 7:30 pm and will also be broadcast on the Pluto TV platform.

The 50th edition will be hosted by one of Telefe’s figures, Marley, who has also been chosen as the best host for three shows along with five other nominees. About 650 guests will attend the ceremony at the Hilton.

The celebrations will begin with a tribute to the 70 years of Argentine television, It will be an opening with a great technical and production demonstration, which will include drones and mapping. except, Susanna Jimenez will be recognized for her career, This year, the diva is not among the candidates for the best driver, but despite this, she will spend her special moment during the gala.

Diego Armando Maradona, who died in November 2020 amid a pandemic, will also be remembered, Although El Díaz had not participated in any events in recent years, APTRA President Luis Ventura decided to prepare a tribute in his memory in this edition, the first face-off since the player’s death.

Diego Maradona will be remembered as a tribute to Martin Fierro 2022.

Diego Maradona will be remembered as a tribute to Martin Fierro 2022.

On Maradona’s side, his best son, Diguito Fernando, will be present along with his mother, Veronica Ojeda, but Dalma and Giannina, his older daughters, with whom Ventura does not have a good relationship, will not attend. On the other hand, Diego’s ex, Claudia Villafane, will appear as the winner of the first edition, as a special invitee by Telef. master chef celebrity,

red carpet

For their part, Ivan de Pineda and Paula Chaves will show off all the details from the red carpet. And Augustina Casanova and Roberto Funes will analyze Ugarte looks, while Lizzy Tagliani will tour the hotel to gauge how guests prepare from hotel rooms to previews.

Through mitelefe.com, each user will be able to live their own experience, simultaneously with different offers. Diego Poggi and China Ansa will broadcast from the Streaming Room specially installed in Hilton Buenos AiresIn which they will provide a preview with details of the great event, and then they will talk with all the winners.

In addition, influencers Nati Jota and Lizardo Ponce and designer Santiago Artemis will complement the staff to show guests outfits and give live feedback on what happens throughout the event.

One of the most nominated bicycles for MasterChef.Celebrity, Martin Fierro 2022.  Photo: CapturaTV.

One of the most nominated bicycles for MasterChef.Celebrity, Martin Fierro 2022. Photo: CapturaTV.

Paramount’s free streaming service, Pluto TV, will provide the opportunity to enjoy the television program of the year. This edition of 2022 is very special as the festival has not been organized for two years due to the pandemic.

A special dedicated entirely to Martin Fierro 2022 from a pop-up channel (Signal 143) is now available, where the latest editions of the awards can be relived, while offering special coverage on the same day of the ceremony.

Marley, along with coaches from La Voz Argentina, Martin Fierro one of the cyclists with the most nominations for 2022.  Photo Prensa Telefe.

Marley, along with coaches from La Voz Argentina, Martin Fierro one of the cyclists with the most nominations for 2022. Photo Prensa Telefe.

nominated person


veron tiger

veron tiger

  • Veron Tiger (Altress)
  • 1-5/18 (eltrece) Monzon (telef)
  • Small Victory (Telefe)


  • Attractive (in the US)
  • Friendly Fire (Channel 9)
  • Journalism for All (eltrece)
  • Siglo XXI ATR (Telefe)


  • Blessed (Channel 9)
  • It’s Not Too Late (Telefe)
  • Brawl in the Bar (USA)


  • Football Show (USA)
  • passion for football (eltrece)
  • Come back to the paddock (La TV Publica)

news broadcast of the day

  • Up Argentina (Altres)
  • People’s News (Telefe)
  • Telenews in the afternoon (Channel 9)

central news broadcast

  • America News (USA)
  • Telef News (Teleph)
  • Telenoche (Altres)

general interest

  • Having Lunch with Mirtha Legrand (Altres)
  • PH we can talk (telefa)
  • I live for you (Channel 9)


  • Country Festival (public TV)
  • Morphy Rock (Telefe)
  • The Memons (USA)
  • Saturday Passion (USA)


  • cut by lozano (telef)
  • Team Flowers (Telefe)
  • Nara Kya Dekhee (Channel 9)
  • we in the morning (eltrece)
  • Pumpita Online (Net)
  • Every Afternoon (Channel 9)


  • Environment and Environment (Channel 9)
  • Archive of Argentine Emotions (Public TV)
  • Film Library (Public TV)


  • you are welcome (altres)
  • Roulette of your dreams (USA)
  • Minutes to Win (Telefe)

entertainment / knowledge

  • 100 Argentinian says (eltrece)
  • 8 step (eltrece)
  • Pasapalabra (Telefe)
  • Who else knows about Argentina (public TV)

big show

  • Voice of Argentina (Telefe)
  • Showmatch The Academy (Altrace)
  • Deal Done (Telefe)


  • Bake Off (Telefe)
  • Cut and Tailoring (Altrace)
  • MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe)


  • Vocal 2020 (eltrece) Morea Casan, Karina La Princessita, Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla
  • La Voz Argentina (telef) Lali Esposito, Mau and Ricky, Ricardo Montaner, Soledad Pastorutti
  • MasterChef Celebrities (Telefe): Damien Betular, Donato De Santis, Germán Martigui
  • Showmatch the Academy (Altres): Jimena Barron, ngel di Brito, Nacha Guevara, Pampita


  • Argentine Chefs (Public TV)
  • Cook (Altrace)
  • What is morning (Channel 9)

travel and Tourism

  • Selfie Mode (in the US)
  • Around the World (Telefe)
  • Rest of the World (Altress)

female driver labor

  • Veronica Lozano (Lozano, cut by Telefe)
  • Karina Mazzoko (Afternoon, US)
  • Florencia Pea (Team Flowers, Telefe)
  • Juana Viole (Having Lunch with Mirtha Legrand, eltrece)

labor driving men

  • Dario Barsi (100 Argentinean say, eltrece)
  • Santiago Del Moro (MasterChef Celebrity, Telefe)
  • Mariano Idica (Bar, Controversy in America)
  • Guido Kaczka (Welcome to the Rider, eltrece)
  • Marley (Around the World / Minutes to Win / La Voz Argentina, Telefe)
  • Marcelo Tinelli (Showmatch the Academy, eltrece)

women’s journalism

  • Marisa Andino (Channel 9)
  • Soledad Large (USA)
  • Sylvia Martinez Cassina (Altres) Christina Perez (Telefe)

male journalistic work

  • Rodolfo Barrilli (Teleph News, Telefe)
  • Nelson Castro (Telenoche, Altres)
  • George Lanata (Journalism for All, eltrece)


  • Guillermo Paniza (Telefe News, Telefe)
  • Fabian Rubino (USA, US News)
  • Santiago Zayen (we in the morning, eltrece)


  • Martin Candloft (Intratables, US)
  • Paulo Cablan (Team Flowers, Telefe)
  • Yanina Latorre (The Angels of the Morning, Altres)

fictional lead actor

  • Facundo Arana (Small Victory, Telefe)
  • Luciano Caceres (1-5/18, eltrece)
  • Marco Antonio Caponi (El Tigre Veron, Altres)
  • Julio Chavez (El Tigres Veron, Altres)

fictional lead actress

  • Augustina Cherry (1-5/18, eltrece)
  • Juliet Diaz (Small Victory, Telefe)
  • Lali Gonzalez (1-5/18, eltrece)
  • Natalie Perez (Small Victory, Telefe)

supporting Actor

  • Alberto Ajaka (Apache, Telefe)
  • Diego Cremonesi (El Tigre Veron, Altres/Apache, Telefe)
  • roly serrano, roly (la 1-5/18, eltrece)

supporting Actress

  • Leticia Bredis (1-5/18/Altrace)
  • Sofia Gala Castiglione (El Tigre Veron, Altres/Apache, Telefe)
  • Florencia Raggi (Monsoon, Telefe)


  • Dario Barsi (100 Argentinean say, eltrece)
  • Jay Mammon (The Mammons, America)
  • Ricky Montaner (The Voice Argentina TV)

humorous work

  • Campy (Team Fool, Telefe)
  • Roberto Moldavsky (Deal Done, Telefe)
  • Patricio Muzio (Morphy’s Rock, Telefe)

Humor / Current Affairs Program Hosting

  • Beto Cassella (Blessed, Channel 9)
  • Diego Corroll (Editing TV, Net)
  • Guillermo Lopez (Holy Saturday, America)


  • The Veyron Tiger: German Maggiori – Marcos Osorio Vidal (Altres)
  • 1-5/18: Lily Ann Martin – Jessica Walls – Marcelo Nasi (Altres)
  • Small win: Erica Halvorson – Danielle Berman (Telefe)


  • Adrian Caetano – Apache (Telefe)
  • Alejandro Ibáez and Jorge Nisko – 1-5/18 (Altres)
  • Juan Tartuto – Little Victories (Teleph)

Advertisement Notice (Information)

  • Quarantine (Easy) – Don
  • Everything’s Better in Black and White (Stella Artois)
  • I see, see (flow) – Don

Institutional Spots (Services and Organizations)

  • Infinia, New Formula (YPF) – mutinous hare
  • Essentials (Open Market) – Faction
  • Payada (Liberal Collective Project) – Together

mass production

  • 1-5/18 (thirteen)
  • Voice of Argentina (Telefe)
  • MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe)

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