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Who was the singer Ariel Camacho and what did he die of? (PHOTOS)

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  • The singer Ariel Camacho passed away in a tragic way
  • His legacy was marked thanks to a terrible accident
  • Ariel Camacho was recently honored by ‘Los Plebes del Rancho’

A few weeks ago, the Mexican regional group ‘Los Plebes del Rancho’ released a new album that would become a tribute to the young Ariel Camacho, a singer who was beginning to gain popularity in the US and Mexico with various songs, but who unfortunately died at the age of 22 in 2015.

And it is that, last July, Ariel Camacho would have turned 30 years old, so ‘Los Plebes del Rancho’ decided to release ‘Fiesta en el cielo’, the first volume of the album that served as a tribute to the young 22-year-old who lost his life in the most tragic way when he was just enjoying success.

Ariel Camacho died at the age of 22

Ariel Camacho

The full name of Ariel Camacho is José Ariel Camacho Barraza who was born on July 8, 1992 in Guamúchil, Sinaloa, Mexico and his interest in music stemmed from the fact that his father was also a singer in a musical group, which from a young age led him to try his Good luck with the musical instruments.

Starting in his teens at age 14, Ariel Camacho’s grandfather gave him a guitar so he began his career to be a singer and musician, as well as a composer; At such an early age he released his album called ‘Rey de Corazones’ which gave him quite a bit of fame, not knowing that his days would be numbered.

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