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Who was the new victim of Residente in his song Cosquillita

Residente released the song Cosquillita on September 1, which is a response to the song René Renuncia de Cosculluela (Photos: Getty Images)

The controversy began when Cosculluela launched the theme Rene Ranunciawhich was a criticism of the renowned rapper Resident of Calle 13to which he replied in his new song tickle”, referring to the fact that he ‘shot’ him to create popularity.

Of the most important issues for which Resident decided to answer him, it was the analysis he made to his political stance and activism, what Rene Perez replied in just under 24 hours on his new nine-minute track.

The dispute broke out when cosculluela criticized Tokisha for having kissed Antillean Villainto which the leader of 13TH Street He reacted with a particular comment that gave rise to the lawsuit: “I’m going to destroy that homophobe if he shoots.”

in the rap song “Tickle” questions the falsehood and cowardice of the one who shot first, since he mentions that he pretends to be someone from the neighborhood when in reality he comes from a well-off family, who never had the courage to face a fight and also highlights the alleged homophobia of his opponent, in addition to accusing him of being racist and sexist.

The rapper made it clear that he will not answer any other provocation:
The rapper made it clear that he will not answer any other provocation: “After this I don’t even answer” (Photo: Getty Images)

The new question is whether The aforementioned rapper will answer Residente’s provocation, nevertheless it is clear that there will be no other reply by the Puerto Ricansince in his last verse of the song he makes it clear with the phrase: ” After this I don’t answer”.

You have to remember that all the artists who have come into conflict with René have come out losers of the contests. For example, since the vocalist of Calle 13 shot at J Balvin in his Bizzarap session, the Colombian remained silent, from that fact is that the enmity between Puerto Ricans grew stronger.

The whole thing originated in 2014 when the group 13TH Street released his album multiviralin which one of the songs was specially dedicated to Cosculluelaeven though he never mentions the name of said rapper, on the track he spoke of the example they gave to the “neighborhood kids”, and six years later Residente confirmed the fact.

Recently, during a show held in Puerto Rico, the Dominican rapper and vedette Tokischa kissed the Puerto Rican composer Antillean Villain which greatly annoyed Coscu, who threw homophobic comments. Given this, Resident replied supporting the rappers and mentioning that he had no culture.

The track released on August 31, 2022 by Cosculluela titled “Rene Resigns”had a duration of six minutes in which criticized multiple aspects of Residente’s personal life.

Among the most prominent comments was the video of René’s brother, Gabriel. At night, his relative would have uploaded a clip in which he gave Cosculluela advice to better attack his brother.

The publication was accompanied by the following message: “I take advantage of the fact that René is sleeping to upload this message. PS: Mr. Cosculluela, I forgot to mention that the entire town of Trujillo Alto thanks you for all the help you gave us, unlike René who has us abandoned. The glory belongs to God and nobody else”.

Even though on the subject tickle” It was clear that there will not be a second reply, the public will continue to wait to see what happens with the dispute.


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