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Who was the husband of Fabiola Martínez? (PHOTOS)

  • We tell you how the murder of a Mexican driver was
  • They had been married for 10 years, until the tragedy happened
  • The heartbreaking farewell message that Fabiola dedicated to her husband

Husband of Fabiola Martínez: Fabiola was a famous host of Telehit on the Televisa network, she was also hosting other Bandamax programs, in Distrito Comedia and others. She is recognized in Mexico for her programs, but also for the worst tragedy that could happen to someone.

Fabiola Martínez’s husband was murdered in 2019 and it is said that it was the product of revenge. The driver who has more than 1.3 M followers on Instagram, confessed that it has been one of the worst misfortunes of her life, here we tell you how it all happened.

He was the husband of the driver Fabiola Martínez

Husband of Fabiola Martinez

According to news portal reports infobae, Armando ‘Tito’ Gómez was the husband of the host of these television programs in Mexico, Tito would have received 5 bullet wounds and his body would have remained 800 meters after he got out of his truck in Nuevo León.

It should be noted that the couple had already been married for 10 years, for which Fabiola was quite a difficult situation to face. At that time, the influencer was also the host of a Telehit music program. This is how things happened. Filed Under: Husband of Fabiola Martínez

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