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Who was the famous presenter Paco Stanley? Here the details…

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  • The successful career of Paco Stanley
  • This is how his tragic death happened.
  • This is how the deceased presenter added great successes

Who was Paco Stanley. The tragedy that occurred in the entertainment world in 1999, where the famous Mexican presenter Paco Stanley was brutally murdered, continues to be a topic of conversation, due to the seriousness of the events and all that this brought with it.

In the last few hours, this topic has become viral again and much commented on social networks, because the presenter’s ex-partner, Mario Bezares, “mocked” Paco Stanley’s death. This was a great outrage for thousands of people. Here we tell you how the terrible tragedy happened.

Paul Stanley’s career, which led to his success

Who was Paco Stanley?

23 years have passed since the death of the beloved TV presenter. His murder occurred in 1999, when Paco Stanley was at the height of his fame. Paco Stanley was brutally murdered when he left a restaurant where he was having breakfast, the reasons are still a mystery.

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, Paco Stanley, was born in Mexico City on July 3, 1942 and was a television and radio host, who participated in various radio and television programs on Televisa and Tv Azteca. Quite loved by the public, and also well known… Filed as: Who was Paco Stanley

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