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Who was Tanya, the influencer who died by parachute?

  • Who was Tanya Pardazi?
  • The young woman died when she jumped from a parachute in Canada
  • He was popular on social media

HE VENTURED A FATAL PATH! After the death of the Canadian influencer, Tanya Pardazi, 21, was revealed, more details were revealed about her life and her fruitful career that she developed in the last years of her life. The influencer, before passing away, shared a video of her about her desire to venture into skydiving and her love for puzzles.

In recent days, it was reported that the young philosophy student, former beauty contestant and social media influencer, suffered a fateful death when she fell from a parachute and a strange incident took her life. Tanya, she was characterized by sharing videos on TikTok where she talked about her likes, her goals, her talent with makeup and above all, her philosophy career.



The influencer, Tanya Pardazi, 21 years old, began to become recognized in her native Canada when in 2017 she began to participate in beauty contests and won the affection of the public. The young woman began her university studies and studied for a degree in Philosophy. Through social media, she began to grow and become a recognized figure when she opened her TikTok account.

From that moment on, the young woman rose to fame on social networks and shared content regarding beauty tips, self-esteem, trips she made, relationships and even her career. But unfortunately, her name went viral after it was revealed that she was reported dead after jumping from a parachute.

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