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Who was Raúl Boy the actor who died in prison?

  • had a tragic outcome
  • His death is still unknown
  • He was serving a sentence for carrying weapons

A couple of days ago, the unfortunate news was provided that the world of Mexican entertainment had lost a great actor in surprising conditions. But, who was Raúl Boy, the actor who died in prison? Here we tell you.

This is Raúl Boy Pagaza, who according to The Universal Puebla, died at the age of 73 for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The loss of the well-known “Comedian of a thousand facets” has impacted the acting industry in Mexico.

Who was Raul Boy?

Who was Raul Boy?

Raúl was dedicated to sharing his talent in the streets and squares of different parts of Mexico, where with more than 70 characters he captivated his entire audience with his great skill and peculiar way of acting that hooked young and old.

According to The universal, Raúl Boy also had various ventriloquist dummies in his repertoire, however he lost them all due to assaults. It was in an interview that Cristina Pacheco conducted with him last March for the broadcast Here We Touched to Live on Canal Once that she was able to hear from him for the last time before his death.

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