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Who was Queen Elizabeth II?

  • Queen Elizabeth II dies at the age of 96.
  • He died after presenting severe health problems.
  • This was his relationship with Lady Di.

Who Queen Elizabeth II. The death of Queen Elizabeth II has shocked the world, according to the portal of Televisa Newscasts her real name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born in London, England, the April 21, 1926, being the first daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York who over time would become Kings George VI and Elizabeth.

Said medium pointed out that when she was very young, Archbishop Cosmo Lang baptized her under the Anglican religion at Buckingham Palace, in her childhood the royal family used to call her with the affectionate nickname that they themselves gave her, ‘Lilibet’.

Queen Elizabeth II dies after health problems

Who Queen Elizabeth II

Now, a few minutes after her death was confirmed, it has been revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was educated at home under the supervision of the governess Marion Crawford, who was better known as ‘Crawfie’; Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was considered the joy of her grandfather.

Through the medium of GQ It was revealed that the queen dedicated her studies to Constitutional History and Law, but it should be noted that she was also a music and literature student. And that’s not all, because Elizabeth II won various swimming and horse riding competitions.

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