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Who was Marciano Cantero, the musician that Latin America cries for?

Today, September 8, the unfortunate death of Marciano Cantero was reported, who was known for being a vocalist and guitarist for Enanitos Verdes, one of the most important bands in Latin America.

Born on August 20, 1960 in Argentina, Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernandez, better known as Marciano, he began to have a keen interest in music from a young age, learning to play the guitar, influenced by bands like The Beatles.

What did Marciano Cantero die of? This is what we know

The beginning of Green Dwarfs

At the age of 19, Marciano Cantero began a musical project accompanied by Felipe Staiti, Jota Morelli and Daniel Piccolo known as Enanitos Verdes, without knowing that they would become one of the most representative bands in Argentina and Latin America.

It was at the beginning of 1983, when the Argentine band began a tour in which they began to gain a large number of followers, a year later, in 1984, Enanitos Verde was awarded as the Revelation Group at the Skirt Festival, one of the most relevant in Argentina.

After winning that award at the La Falda Festival, the band began recording their first album, which they called Los Enanitos Verdes, which featured the song I’m still singingwith which they conquered the radio stations of their country of origin.

Enanitos Verdes would consolidate his fame, after the release of Bolivian Lamentone of the most emblematic songs of rock in Spanish.

Marciano Cantero and his solo career

During 1989, Enanitos Verdes would separate, leaving their thousands of followers sad, however, Cantero did not stop making music, as he began a solo career.

new Moon was the name of Marciano Cantero’s first album, published in 1990, later the Argentine musician released a second album entitled Beat Club.

Fortunately for many of their fans, the Enanitos Verdes band got back together and despite changing lineups on a few occasions they continued to reap great success.

Cantero and his collaboration with J Balvin and Bad Bunny

In 2019, reggaeton singers Bad Bunny and J Balvin released a collaborative album called Oasiswhich featured the participation of several artists, including Marciano Cantero.

The Argentine musician spoke about his approach to the reggaeton genre in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine.

“For me, music is music, period. In addition, I have no doubt that the lyrics of reggaeton today are much more interesting than those of rock in Spanish at the moment: they have a brutal honesty, as Calamaro says, and a much greater burden, “said Cantero.

After having started a tour at the beginning of 2022 that was interrupted a few weeks ago due to Marciano Cantero’s health condition, today Latin music is in mourning because it has lost one of its greatest representatives.


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