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Who was Manuel Ojeda?

  • Famous villain of Mexican soap operas
  • Extensive artistic career
  • Considered as “first actor” of television

His time on Mexican television and his talent gave him the opportunity to be recognized as one of the leading actors in the industry. In addition, the professional interpretations of him consolidated him as one of the favorite villains of soap operas. But, beyond that, who was Manuel Ojeda? Here we tell you.

Manuel Salvador Ojeda was an actor born in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. He studied acting at the Institute of Fine Arts and began his path in the theater, until in the 1970s he jumped into the cinema, adding more than 200 films, according to AS Mexico.

Who was Manuel Ojeda?

Who was Manuel Ojeda?

Porfirio Díaz and Emiliano Zapata were made of flesh and blood thanks to Manuel Ojeda, the actor who gave life to these historical figures in the series “Senda de Gloria” and “The flight of the eagle”, respectively. But he was also in Lecumberri with “ El Apando”, showing the terribleness of prison life, was part of Santa Martha with “The fourth company”, a film that recreated the group of inmates who were released at night to steal cars and return the next day.

Ojeda, the Baja Californian who worked on more than 250 films, several soap operas and series, died on August 11, 2022 at the age of 81, leaving a significant gap in the entertainment world. He was someone who loved being in front of the camera, but if he could, history writing was his dream.

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