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Who was Mac Miller, rapper and ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande?

Mac Miller is considered one of the most successful and influential rappers in the industry.; After his death, the musical legacy that he left has allowed it to remain in force.

In recent hours it has become a trend thanks to an apparent tribute that his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande paid to Mac through her makeup line, but who was Mac Miller?

He was Mac Miller

Mac Miller had a clear vocation since he was a childAt a young age he learned to play drums, piano, bass and guitar.

His childhood and adolescence were relatively easy financially, which made his attitude carefree. The above led to it being nicknamed ‘Easy Mac’a nickname that he would use as his first stage name.

He was raised Jewishbecoming one of the few rappers in the industry to belong to this religion.

His first steps on the road to professionalism were freestyle while still in school. He was never characterized by having good gradesIt was even surprising that he didn’t drop out of high school; however, his coexistence with his friends and the ease of writing songs during class time made him continue.

Beginning of the professional career

In 2009 he released his first mixtape entitled ‘Easy Mac, But Mackin Ain’t Easy’. Although money was not an obstacle, she devoted herself independently to raising money to pay for a recording studio. Upon graduation he had enough money to pay for an apartment.

In 2010 he released his second mixtape under the name of ‘KIDS’work with which he stood out, getting the signing with the record company Rostrum Records at the age of 18.

His first two mixes had the conceptual essence of the vision of a boy who desires popularity and fame while having fun, in addition, he longs for his dreams in a relaxed way.

It was also here that first showed his drug addictionincluding parties, marijuana and sex in his lyrics.

In 2011 he released the EPBest Day Ever’, which featured the single titled ‘Donald Trump’same with which he achieved much greater popularity due to the negative response of the businessman.

In 2011 he also published what is considered his debut album: ‘Blue Slide Park’. In 2013 he publishes ‘Watching Movies with Sound Off’.

In 2014 he signed with the Warner label for the amount of 10 million dollars and released ‘GO:OD AM’which was placed in third place on the popularity charts.

During his relationship with the singer Ariana Grande the album came out ‘The Divine Feminine’ which reflects a bit about their relationship and the switch between causal sex and a life partner.

After the breakup with Ariana spear ‘swimming’ in August 2018, which was a reference to the problems that drowned him, although it highlighted his attempt to get ahead.

The September 7, 2018 Mac Miller was found dead in his apartment; he was declared as such at 11:51 am for an accidental overdose of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol.


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