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Who was Juan Gabriel’s last boyfriend?

  • Juan Gabriel’s last boyfriend reappears.
  • Six years after the death of “Divo de Juárez” he appears before the public.
  • Juan Gabriel’s ‘widower’ poses with an important actress.

Last boyfriend Juan Gabriel. Juan Gabriel is one of the characters who, like Jenni Rivera, are still more alive than ever through his music and the great affection that his followers have for him. But he is also surrounded by several mysteries, one of the most notorious about the romances that “Divo de Juárez” had.

As we well know, Juan Gabriel was involved in several scandals regarding his love life, for which it was recently revealed that one of them has reappeared 6 years after the death of the interpreter of ‘I have no money’ and they assure that he looks totally unrecognizable.

Who was Juan Gabriel’s last boyfriend?

Last boyfriend Juan Gabriel

We all know that within social networks we can find countless things and news of which we were not aware, such was the case of who was the last boyfriend of Alberto Aguilera, real name of dear Juan Gabriel, who reappeared on networks social.

Through the portal of El Heraldo de México, the name of who was the last love partner of the Mexican singer was revealed, according to the aforementioned media it is Isaac Efraín Martínez, who had a relationship with Juan Gabriel in 2014, when he was 64 years old and the young man 25. Filed as: Last boyfriend Juan Gabriel.

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