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Who was Joselyn Alejandra Niño?

  • Joselyn was part of a women’s cartel
  • She was found dismembered inside a cooler.
  • She was nicknamed “La Flaca”

Joselyn Alejandra Niño was one of the members of the Las Flacas Cartel, which became famous for its cruelty and for trying to dispute Tamaulipas with the bloodiest criminal groups in the history of Mexico. The young woman’s story shocked many because of her horrible ending.

The exact date of her birth is not known or since when she joined the cartel, the only thing that is known regarding her history was how she lived with her companions. Jocelyn, she operated in the Tamaulipas area and worked mainly for the Gulf Cartel.

Who are the Cartel de las Flacas?

Who are the Cartel de las Flacas?

The Cartel de Las Flacas is made up mostly of assassins with slender bodies, innocent faces and fragile hands but capable of firing a rifle, they became a bloodthirsty criminal group and mercenaries, who have managed to put several cartels in trouble. Mexicans.

Although they may seem harmless on the surface, these women carry out the difficult tasks entrusted to them by their superiors: executing rivals, torturing them and confronting enemy cartels with their M4 assault rifles. FILED FROM: Joselyn Alejandra Nino

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