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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Who was Jahvel Johnson? Winner of the first edition of ‘Got Talent Mexico’

  • The singer managed to have the title of first winner of the Got Talent Mexico contest
  • In 2014 he became known for the contest
  • He was the winner of the million pesos of the first edition

One of the great talents discovered thanks to a reality show was Pablo López, artistically known as Jahvel Johnson, who went from being homeless to achieving fame thanks to a television program; however, it was not possible for him to survive and he died almost in oblivion.

In 2021, through social networks, different journalists and people close to the singer reported that he lost his life due to a sudden heart attack at 51 years of age. Jahvel Johnson left this earth plane a month and a half after his daughter lost her life.

The sad story of its origin


Jahvel Johnson told the story of his life during his participation in “Mexico Got Talent”. When he was five years old, he left his house in Torreón, Coahuila, and never came back because he did not know the way to return. The authorities tried to put him in a home, however, as there was no space, he ended up in a reform school until a family adopted him.

“I took the tricks that I had learned in the reformatory to the United States, which they did not like… they got tired of my excesses and rudeness and they sent me back to the Federal District,” he said. Upon his return, he lived eight years on the street. FILED FROM: Who Was Jahvel Johnson

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