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Who was Gawd Thriller? They reveal secrets of the youtuber who died in a car accident

  • Gawd was a youtuber who is known as a ‘gamer’
  • He died last Saturday
  • How was his death?

Streamer Gawd Triller died after a car collision on August 27, 2022. He was known as a personality on the YouTube platform for being a great video game streamer. He gained a lot of fans because of his great personality and his great ability to play games.

Streamers dedicate themselves to making special recordings where they themselves make a live video while playing a video game and their followers can see them. Gawd Trille was this type of Youtuber, but unfortunately he died in a car accident.

Who was Gawd Thriller?

Who was Gawd Thriller?

Gawd Triller was one known for his YouTube streams. She showed off her gaming skills in the NBA 2K basketball game. Gawd Triller joined YouTube in August of 2010 and has since acquired more than 500,000 subscribers on the platform.

The popular streamer also had more than 40,000 followers on Twitter. In each of his social networks, he shared the new video game with which he would make a special broadcast and his followers could not help but admire him for his great dedication to his work. FILED FROM: Gawd Triller

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