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Who was Benjy Jimenez?

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  • Who was the singer?

Who was Benjy Jiménez: He was a youthful gentleman from Sucre who was endorsing his vocation on the Caribbean Coast, in which he was well known thanks to his hit ‘Báilame’, launched in 2020. On the other hand, armed people today ended his daily life past Friday, April 18. November in situations that are the matter of investigation by the authorities.

The system ended up guiding the town’s stadium after receiving at the very least 4 bullet wounds, the information added. The criminal offense transpired in the municipality of San Marcos, Sucre, where by the singer was from and the place his body was found.

What occurred to the reggaeton player?

What happened to the reggaeton player?

The artist’s criminal offense, acknowledged in his musical planet as Benyi, transpired at about 9:00 p.m. in the Camino Alegre neighborhood, much more precisely all over the Silvio Padilla soccer stadium. It was unofficially acknowledged that Benyi’s belongings had been found in the position, so a achievable theft is dominated out.

Locals on listening to the detonations went out to see what experienced happened, finding the overall body of the musician lying on the undergrowth and next to the bike he was driving. In accordance to the authorities’ report, the subjects shot him 4 periods, resulting in his dying immediately. ARCHIVED Underneath: Who was Benjy Jimenez

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