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Who is Victoria Aletta, Demian Bichir’s new girlfriend

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This is how they show their demonstrations of love day by day (Photos: Instagram/@victoria_aletta)

Almost a year ago, Demian Bichir was seen embraced by Victoria Aletta on his Instagram account, but a few hours later he deleted the photo, this small detail sparked all kinds of rumors about his courtship.

A few days later, the famous actor and dancer confirmed their romance with a post with the lyrics of plastic love, song by the French duo Videoclub. That romantic image was just the beginning of many photographs and stories where they constantly reaffirm their love.

Victoria Aletta is 35 years younger than Demian and according to his Instagram, he was born in the city of Florence, Italyit is also the main dancer of presentations in Spain and in the cities of New York and Los Angeles in the United States. In your profile LinkedInit can be read that the artist studied at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), in addition to having participated in several musical theater presentations.

This was the photo where they were seen happy together (Photo: Instagram/@victoria_aletta)
This was the photo where they were seen happy together (Photo: Instagram/@victoria_aletta)

The specialty of the 24-year-old Italian is ballet, a discipline that she showed off in one of the most critical moments of the coronavirus pandemic, in May 2020, Victoria Aletta took to the streets of Barcelona to interpret Swan Lake.

On the occasion of International Dance Daythe member of the Barcelona ballet dressed in slippers, tights and a tulle skirt to offer a sample of her art in the streets of the Gràcia neighborhood.

The video of her performance went viral and according to the AP agency, the dancer had the idea of ​​doing this performance while talking to local people. “The idea came up in a conversation with the neighbors, I didn’t know the video would be so successful. My intention was to support the artist workers in these difficult times.

It should be remembered that by May 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic it was at a delicate moment due to the high number of infections and deaths, since the vaccines were still in the development phase; so it was necessary to maintain strict social distancing, thus stopping all kinds of cultural and artistic activities.

In addition to constantly sharing their outfits, rehearsals and photos after performances, the Instagram of Victoria Aletta He has become a witness that the actor Demián has already entered his life and they accompany each other at various times in his professional career.

Recently Victoria Aletta made a romantic publication in which she congratulated Bichir on his birthday, a few weeks earlier, the actor also He had dedicated words to him for his 24 years.

How Victoria Aletta and Demián Bichir confirmed their romance

“I lose myself in your eyes, I drown in the wave of your enamored look. I only want your soul and at night when everything is dark I watch you dance, I reason in kisses along your chest. Lost in the avalanche of my lost heart”, say some of the lines of plastic lovea song by the French duo Videoclub, which the dancer dedicated to her boyfriend.

Photo: Instagram/@victoria_aletta
Photo: Instagram/@victoria_aletta

Days before, they had already published photographs of their romantic afternoon in a cafeteria near the grill of the Capital Zocalo of Mexico City.

This romance surprised because in 2019, Bichir was widowed after the death of Stefanie Sherk. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office report, the Canadian actress took her own life in a swimming pool.

At the time, the actor confirmed this information about his wife on his Instagram account, whom he described as a victim of depression.

“It is with courage, dignity and love, for our beloved Stefanie that we confirm this information.”


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