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Who is Vadhir Derbez’s mother?

Eugenio Derbez meets 61 years this Friday, although his celebration may be different from those of other years because he is recovering after suffering a shoulder accident.

But on this special date, those who are undoubtedly closest to the comedian and actor, in addition to his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, are his children: Aislinn, José Eduardo, Aitana and Vadhir.

Alessandra Rosaldo sings the mornings to Eugenio Derbez by video call from the 90’s Pop Tour

Of the latter, Vadhir, a little-known aspect is the identity of his mother, but the actor and singer himself was in charge of exposing it through a video that he published 2 years ago on his YouTube account.

All the people, all my life, believed that Victoria Ruffo was my mother because she was the only one of the moms who were in the middle. I think no one knows… well, I don’t want to say no one because there are many people who know, but the vast majority in the ignorance of not scratching it a little more believe that someone left me in a basket at my dad’s door, “said the son of Eugenio at the beginning of the recording where he introduced his mother: Silvana Prince.

Later, Silvana commented: “Before there was not this, the networks. Everything they want to find out about me they will not find because they were things from newspapers, magazines or television.

On how he met Eugenio, Vadhir’s mother said: “We had to do the show of a beauty contest of Miss Puebla and tu dad was there working as a chamberlain, like those who help enter the contestants by the hand. Backstage I bumped into him and said, ‘You look familiar to me, aren’t you a magician?’ The thing is that he asked me for my phone number, I stayed on tour for a few days and when I came back he looked for me and he stuck to me like gum. We lasted like 4 years”.

With respect to end of her romance with EugenioSilvana Prince said that at that time they both had a comedy show, but when she got pregnant with Vadhir and she got better she had to get away from the shows: “I stopped before you were born, someone comes in to replace me, I make the calls, I invite half people for the press and one of them was your brother’s mother (Victoria Ruffo), I called to invite her.”

“That night I wasn’t there, but I think that night was where your father slipped; I didn’t believe it until I realized it and at that moment I told him: ‘You know what daddy? Bye’, because he was in my apartment. You were 5 months old when (Victoria) was already pregnant, So, at that obvious moment (Eugenio) had to pack his clothes because I am not one of those who can stand it, “he added.

Finally, Silvana said that “Outside of what happened and his gobbledygook, my love for him (Eugenio)… it’s a bond like that of brothersIt’s true, and I like to see the change he is having, he is trying to be a better father; He never knew how to be the father of small children, going out with your dad was like sending them with Rambo.


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