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Who is the pop prodigy praised by Mick Jagger and Coldplay? Jacob Collier is the revelation of the moment

Jacob Collier its English, he is 28 years old and has already been fascinating the public, press and colleagues for a decade. The New York Times described him as “the colorful Mozart of Generation Z”. And despite having four albums and many tours in tow, two weeks ago it was news because Coldplay invited him to sing at Wembley Stadiumwhere Mick Jagger was also present, who came over to congratulate and praise him.

“That week was surreal,” he says via Zoom from his bedroom. “Look, I’ve had some surreal episodes in my life, but this was crazy. Coldplay sold out six shows at Wembley Stadium, which is the most epic stadium in London, and I joined them three times to sing together and play piano. There were other special guests as well, so it was surreal and magnificent to experience all of that in my own city.”

Jacob Collier.  press photos

Jacob Collier. press photos

-When did you find out? Were you talking about it with Chris Martin or was it overnight?

-Worse yet: Chris called me at three in the afternoon, the day of the first show! He asked me if he was free that night, I said yes and he told me to go, because Natalie Imbruglia was also going to be there to do the song. tornthat I love.

Jacob Collier and Stormzy at one of Coldplay's six Wembleys.

Jacob Collier and Stormzy at one of Coldplay’s six Wembleys.

Chris is a very spontaneous guy, and as a friend of his I got used to go along with him when he comes up with ideas. And suddenly he was in the middle of Wembley Stadium, something incredible! Sing torn with Natalie, then we did summer dreamsfrom the musical greasein tribute to Olivia Newton-John, and with Stormzy we made her theme Blinded by your grace part I.

I also sang running up that hill with a comedian named Steve Coogan, who did it as his character Alan Partridge. They were all very different songs and it was super fun.

-You also crossed paths with Mick Jagger.

Jacob Collier's selfie with Mick Jagger.  IG photo

Jacob Collier’s selfie with Mick Jagger. IG photo

-Yes. He came to the show on Sunday night. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and all of a sudden he came up to me and said, “I can’t believe I saw you on stage today.” That blew my mind so I asked her for a selfie and she agreed.

eight weeks on tour

The cover of the first volume of Djesse, by Jacob Collier.

The cover of the first volume of Djesse, by Jacob Collier.

-You were on tour recently, but what are you currently doing?

-I spent the last few months on tour. It was eight weeks in the United States, then England and the rest of Europe. Totally 70 shows so far this year, so that was a lot, but it’s a great feeling to be back in the real world and play in front of people with so much energy.

I think this tour sparked my imagination and I’m excited to harness that power to finish this album that I’ve been creating for the last few years. It is a quadruple that comes out in four separate volumes, called Djesse, of which three have already left. It’s amazing the feeling of coming home after a tour and feeling so full of that energy.

In fact, I was recording the applause and cheers of the people in each show, to put it in some theme. So he Vol 4 will have 100 thousand people from all over the world!

-Is that energy that you mention from the public similar to the usual one, or do you think it is greater after the pandemic?

-For me, it is greater than before. Perhaps people felt that the communal experience of a recital was taken away from them. It may also be that I was very hungry to see and hear and feel them, after spending so much time at home. Music is a crucial aspect of life, and it’s wonderful to feel it live again.

An ambitious work

The cover of the third volume of Djesse, by Jacob Collier, published this year.

The cover of the third volume of Djesse, by Jacob Collier, published this year.

-What was your initial idea and the common thread of this quadruple project?

-The first record I ever made was called in my room, which was all done in this very room, here in North London. There I played all the instruments, mixed it and produced it. I even went on tour completely alone. It was an experience that excited me a lot and I learned everything.

When I finished that tour, what I wanted to do was work on a record with other people. She had worked alone for so long that she wanted the experience of learning from the musicians she loved the most. I embarked on this journey and thought it would be a challenge, but I never imagined it would be like this. It’s been such a ridiculous adventure! I recorded with old music legends and young pop stars. With some I worked in person and with others remotely, but with all of them it was a pleasure and I learned a lot.

I wanted to cover all kinds of music from all over the world. My goal was that by the end of four volumes I could start my career, but I think I accidentally did that already.

Jacob Collier.  press photo

Jacob Collier. press photo

-What can you say about the new songs compared to the previous ones?

-I think that when I started my musical journey I was doing many layers where I recorded myself on top of myself and achieving vocal harmonies. The new songs continue that same layering process, but from completely different angles. Instead of all layers being mine, there are layers from all over the world.

In the end, it ends up being like a celebration of the human voice, with all kinds of musical genres. There is rock and roll, folk, classical music, dubstep, electronic music and pop. The challenge was to build the bridges to unite all these styles, perhaps to remind myself that music is one huge language. I see no difference between bluegrass and K-pop. It’s all the same.

-It’s been 11 years since your first album. Didn’t you think about an anniversary tour?

-It is a good idea! The unusual thing is that I didn’t think in terms of starting a career when I made those videos. And I never dreamed of going on tour around the world. I just wanted to do things for fun. It’s hard to say when my career officially began. Perhaps when I was born, because that’s when I started dreaming about music. It’s surreal to think that it’s been 10 years of making music.

-What do you remember about your time in Argentina?

-It was in Niceto and I think I was in Buenos Aires for a couple of days, in November 2017. It was one of my favorite shows of all time, because it was very crazy. And it was very funny the moment when I wanted to throw myself on top of the public, because I did it wrong and I threw myself with my feet forward, instead of throwing myself on my back. So I ended up in a kind of pogo round, something that blew my mind.

I also remember that I went to Piazzolla’s house and there was a piano where I started to play a Beatles song, Till there was you, surrounded by beautiful bandoneons. I promise to return next year, although I don’t know exactly when.


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