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Who is the mask?: This was the famed 1 removed Right now, November 20

Who is the mask? has grow to be one particular of the most beloved actuality exhibits on Sundays, as 7 days by 7 days they reveal stars guiding resourceful people, who have to surprise absolutely everyone to continue with their mystery identification.

Tonight, Carlos Rivera, Galilea Montijo, Juanpa Zurita, Yuri and the visitor Ana Claudia Talancón They had to make tough choices, so that, with the management of Omar Chaparro, the clearly show, the clues and the proposals would continue.

On this occasion, the 8 remaining entrants competed in two quadruple matchupsto try to persuade both equally the panelists and the community in the forum.

The 1st eliminated of the night

Immediately after the vote of the method researchers, the 1st quadruple confrontation experienced the curious Huacal as the one particular who was saved by the 4 judges.

Right after the public vote, Alebrije and Koalacticleaving graffiti as the attainable eradicated of the evening, waiting for who would be the character at risk of the next team.

In the next spherical, bunch He was the character saved by the panelists, leaving the fate of the next three in the community that attends the forum of the television plan.

Kid Bengal and Triki were being the people that were being saved by the vote, leaving Geisha as the other perhaps removed character, up coming to graffiti.

In a new voting procedure among the two removed from the ‘keys’, Geisha was the character saved, and as a outcome, the character graffiti He was the one who had to expose his mask.

The character’s clues had been: he loves cats, he emphasizes the term “Below” and there is some thing similar to “Roses in the mud”, as exposed in the segment prior to his presentation. Beto Cuevas, Saúl Hernández, Benny Ibarra and Leonardo de Lozanne They were the judges.

Finally, the singer and vocalist of La Ley Beto Cuevas he was the one particular who was revealed as the well-known 1 guiding Graffitti, as they experienced predicted Carlos Rivera and the guest Ana Claudia Talancon.

Who is the mask?: They are the types eliminated so considerably

The weeks go by and Who is the mask? carries on to reveal superstars at the rear of innovative characters. So much, they are the ones eliminated:

  • Octopus – Lele Pons, influencer
  • Escoba – ‘Barby’ Juárez, previous boxer
  • Egyptian King – Adrián Uribe ‘El Vítor’, presenter and actor
  • Cornelio – Pee Wee, singer and vocalist for the Cumbia Kings
  • Pincushion – Litzy, singer and actress
  • Cactus – Fernando Carrillo, product and actor
  • Bot – Diego Schoening, singer, former Timbiriche and actor
  • Rider – José Ron, soap opera actor
  • Dalmatian – Fernanda Meade, singer and member of Pandora
  • Elvestruz – Pablo Montero, singer, composer and actor
  • Graffitti – Beta Cuevas, singer and guide singer of La Ley


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