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Who is the mask?: They ended up the well known removed Right now, November 6

Who is the mask? reaches its fourth software, in which we now know the figures, there are all those who presently have their favorites and even their theories of who certain characters could be.

Even so, each and every plan can know the identity of only two, so, very little by little, the community is stunned by the men and women at the rear of the charismatic people.

This Sunday, Charles Ponce joined the desk of investigators of Carlos Rivera, Galilea Montijo, Juanpa Zurita and Yuriin a program that is hosted by the beloved omar chaparro.

Bot, the to start with removed of the night time

In a triplet built up of the people Alebrije, Bot and Bunchthe judges finished up preserving the 1st, leaving the remaining two to the community vote.

In a ‘mask vs mask’, Bot and Bunch They manufactured a staging with the hope of staying equipped to make the public slide in appreciate and getting ready to stay a little more time as part of the method. After the general public vote, Bot finished up leaving the program and had to reveal his id.

He has had fractures and labored in radio, these are some of the clues they gave about bot. Immediately after their shows, the investigators declared their last verdicts: Facundo (Juanpa Zurita), Héctor Suárez Gomís (Yuri), Diego Schoening (Carlos Ponce), Facundo (Galilea Montijo) and Yurem (Carlos Rivera).

Immediately after the cry of “mask off!”, it was lastly revealed that Diego Schöning is the movie star guiding botagreeing with Carlos Ponce, guest researcher this Sunday.

Rider, the 2nd eradicated of the night

After deliberation the investigators determined that koalactic would be the saved character, leaving Child Bengala and Rider in the ‘mask vs. mask’ showdown, where they search for to convince the community to remain.

At last, Child Bengala was saved by the general public, leaving Rider as the second eliminated of the evening. According to his clues, Rider is a admirer of drowned cakes and doesn’t like water.

José Ron (Juanpa Zurita and Galilea Montijo), Miguel Rodarte (Yuri), Leonard de Lozanne (Carlos Ponce) and Pedro Capo (Carlos Rivera) were the bets of the panelists.

Immediately after the cry of “mask off!”, Rider unveiled his id: Joseph Ronagreeing with Juanpa Zurita and Galilea Montijo.

They are ALL eliminated from ‘Who’s the Mask?’ Until now

So significantly, they have been the stars unveiled on the display. Who is the mask?.

  • Octopus – Lele Pons, influencer
  • Escoba – ‘Barby’ Juárez, previous boxer
  • Egyptian King – Adrián Uribe ‘El Vítor’, presenter and actor
  • Cornelio – Pee Wee, singer and vocalist of the Cumbia Kings
  • Pincushion – Litzy, singer and actress
  • Cactus – Fernando Carrillo, product and actor
  • bot- Diego Schoening, singer, former Timbiriche and actor

  • Rider – José Ron, soap opera actor


Reference from www.milenio.com

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