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Who is the mask Leona is removed from the program

  Who is the mask  Leona is removed from the program

MÉRIDA.- This Sunday the seventh program of Who is the mask And one of the characters left the competition, but not before revealing his true identity.

On this occasion, the seven celebrities who are still in the competition were introduced. The masks faced each other in two groups, one of three and the other of four, with one rescued by the judges while the public would decide who would be at risk. Later, the two botargas with the fewest votes met again and one of them was eliminated.

Today she was a guest in the program Lorena Herrera, the actress and singer took part in this edition under the role of ‘Sirena’.

In the first key they stood in front of: Carnivore (‘Don’t let anyone know my suffering‘by La Sonora Dinamita), Gypsies (‘Like your wife‘by Rocío Dúrcal) and Lazy.

Investigators rescued Perezoso; and the audience chose Gitana, so Carnivore was in danger.

In the second group they faced each other Apache (‘Stay‘by Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi), Android (‘Never enough‘by The Greatest Showman), roe: (‘tell me about yourself‘de Banda MS) and lioness (‘You didn’t mean to hurt me‘by Gloria Trevi).

Following their presentations, the research panel rescued Android; Apache and Hueva immediately received public support to continue the competition. What remains? Lioness in danger of being eliminated.

Who is the mask Eliminate snow monsters and owls

Who Is The Mask Leona Is Removed From The Program - Light Home News

lioness and Carnívora faced each other in front of the public, where in the end Leona lost the battle and had to reveal his identity.

Sweet MariaShe was the artist who was behind Leona, as the public on social networks had already anticipated after the information she had given.

Juanpa Zurita and Lorena Herrera suspected the famous. While the other investigators leaned over to Sherlyn and Hanna von Ha-Ash.

All eliminated from Who’s the Mask?

  • Broccoli – Mauricio Garza
  • Slug – Paola Espinosa
  • Hood – Kunno
  • Dog – Ricardo ‘El Finito’ López
  • Ant – Adriana Monsalve
  • Opossum – Faisy
  • Yoke – Emmanuel Palomares
  • Siren – Lorena Herrera
  • Snow Monster – Mary of the Sun
  • Owl – Carlos Ponce
  • Toad – Noel Schajris

Who is the mask they eliminate Jocho and Sirena

Who is the mask Queen Ant and Possum were exposed

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