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Who is the mask ?: Juan Osorio reveals his son’s participation in the show

uan Osorio filtra participación de Emilio en quién es la máscara

After a photo in which Emilio Osorio can be seen in full “transformation”, suspicions were aroused.

MEXICO CITY – Who is the mask, is still one of the most popular shows on Mexican television, so every detail or leak of the show becomes a data of great interest. Such is the case with the recent “reveal” made by none other than the manufacturer Juan Osorio, which generated numerous comments with a “mysterious” tweet.

Emilio Osorio in Who is the Mask?

Emilio Osorio, Son of the producer and the controversial Niurka Marcos, would be ‘La Hueva’because according to the clues that were given in the broadcast, as well as some clues that the fans found, everything would indicate that the young actor is “hiding” under the botarga.

But this theory was later confirmed Juan Osorio shared on twitter photo in which one can see Emilio characterized. As if that “reveal” wasn’t enough, the producer added a message that more than exposed Karol Seville’s friend’s participation in the show.

“Who goes today with everything, please?” Wrote Osorio next to the picture showing Emilio Osorio, who is filled with a sticky white paste.

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Juan Osorio is criticized for revealing the identity of “La Hueva”

After the release several they criticized Juan Osorio for being so obvious to reveal that his son may be one of the masked men taking part in the competition that has become one of the favorites of the Mexican public.

You also highlighted this another proof of nepotism, as it is said, the producer has apparently already agreed on it Triumph of Emilio Osorio in this third season from Who is the mask

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