Home Entertainment Who is the Colombian actress who stole Raul Araiza’s heart?

Who is the Colombian actress who stole Raul Araiza’s heart?

Who is the Colombian actress who stole Raul Araiza's heart?

raul ariza Maybe in New love affair with actress Margarita Vega.

so he assured entertainment journalist alex kafi in his column La Lisonza.

“I’ll tell you that Someone has a new girlfriend from the show ‘Hoy'”.

Affair with Colombian Actress

“Yes, raul ariza begins a relationship with a Colombian actress margarita vega. As soon as Ral “cut” his former partner (an incident that happened last March), he began to communicate with Colombian-born people via social networks”, he wrote enough

“After that came ‘I invite you to dinner’ and others. Margarita and Raul have already been seen together and in love. In fact, Margarita Vega (who currently identifies as Doctor Pamela Perez in ‘What’s Wrong with My Family?’) has been visiting her boyfriend Ra प्रेमीl Araiza on the stage of ‘Hoy’ on the morning of Las Estrellas.Kafee confirmed.

Who is Margarita Vega?

margarita vega is a Colombian actress who has participated in various series, What My heart is yours u There is no heaven without breasts. Currently Acting in Novel What happens to my family?

new pair He does not hide his love or in social networks, Well, the “El Negro” ariza emoji doesn’t miss the chance to make you fall in love, while Margarita also comments on his post with best wishes.

break up with your old partner

Whereas, last March Raul Ariza confirms break up with Maria Amelia Aguilari, with whom he had maintained a relationship of a little over a year, and assured that it was something of mutual consent.

then Raul was still in the recording of the novel. heartlessTo, as well as conduct programs members on air and morning Today.

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