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Who is the Charro who offended immigrants?

  • A ‘singer’ said that immigrants were flea-ridden people
  • They claim that he cheated on his wife with a transvestite
  • Why did it go so viral?

Erik Roberto, better known as El Charro, who offended immigrants by calling Latino peoples “flea-ridden peoples,” went viral on social networks precisely for that reason, for offending these people. After that he was forced to apologize, which he did via video.

Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Torres better known as “El Charro y La Mayrita” are a young couple with more than 10 years of marriage. Both have gone through many controversies, such as the fact that Erik allegedly cheated on Mayrita with a transvestite man in front of her.

Who is Erik Roberto?

Who is Erik Roberto?

Erik Roberto is a ranchera music singer with a privileged voice who has managed to captivate the hearts of both young people and adults. 12 years of experience and six recorded albums Erik Roberto has become one of the most prominent artists in Regional Mexican music in the United States.

Thanks to their beautiful motivational work they have inspired thousands of couples to live a better life. El Charro and La Mayrita met in the summer of 2007 and after many struggles to be together, they unite their lives in marriage on August 10, 2008.

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