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Who is Salvador Zerboni and why was he accused of theft?

  • Finalist of The House of the Famous
  • The most beloved “villain”
  • He began his artistic career at a very young age.

Today concludes the second season of La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo’s reality show. For almost three months we were able to learn a little about what the 17 celebrities who paraded through the house really were. Some won the affection of the public and many others were singled out. Today we tell you about a particular participant and one of his greatest controversies. Who is Salvador Zerboni and why was he accused of theft?

Originally from Mexico City and 43 years old, Salvador Zerboni has revealed on multiple occasions that he stood out for being a restless child, so when he entered puberty his parents decided to enroll him in a militarized school in Virginia, United States , according to Sports world.

Who is Salvador Zerboni?

Who is Salvador Zerboni?

Diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder according to MD. The actor has been able to balance his emotions through therapy, as this type of condition causes sudden and repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive and violent behavior, or aggressive verbal outbursts in which you react with too much exaggeration for the situation.

Salvador Zerboni has two university degrees, he is also a polyglot heartthrob. Very young he began modeling during a backpacking trip through Europe, but his acting career began on Broadway after graduating from the Actors Studio in the United States.

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