Home Entertainment Who is Roberth Cevallos, Motuls Tiktoker with more than a million followers?

Who is Roberth Cevallos, Motuls Tiktoker with more than a million followers?

Who is Roberth Cevallos, Motuls Tiktoker with more than a million followers?

MOTUL.- Roberto Cevallos have 19 years old, but also over 1 million followers on Tik Tok and was recognized by Youtube with the “silver button”.

Roberto Carlos Camacho Ceballos, known as “Roberth Cevallos”, is originally from Motul and is with his mother Wendy Vianel Ceballos Guerrero Upload videos to Facebook, Youtube and TikTok platforms, interpreting Parodies of the mother-son relationship.

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The young man already has other regional comedians like “El Chino” Fernández, Tila María Sesto, Ruperta Pérez Sosa and Furzyo Kwich, among other. What is surprising is that for his comedy he only resorted to everyday scenarios such as the courtyard of his house, the kitchen, the living room, the room and even the pigsty perform his comedies with his mother.

on Facebook collect more than Thousands of followers and on YouTube his videos have more than 200,000 reproductions. Its content reaches Colombia and Argentina.

How did the idea for Roberth Cevallos come about?

In an interview with Yucatan Newspaper, Roberth says that it all started in 2011 when he was nine years old and got the taste for being a Youtuber. However, it was up June 6th, 2019 when he uploaded his first video try this experience out.

In 2020, with the help of a friend, he used the time of the pandemic to continue uploading videos to YouTube in order to reach more followers, but without success and stroke of fate, his partner had to work and left him alone.

I had to convince my mother to help me and after recording the first video of this hit and from then on, my followers increased, ”says the Motule man.

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Roberth Cevallos, son of local artists

The family consists of siblings Juan Diego, 23 years old; Laileny from 21, Robert; and the smallest Misses, 17. Her mother is a singer in a local group and her father, José Francisco Camacho Pool “El Choky”, is a keyboardist.

He revealed that one of his goals is to be an actor in novels and series, and even want to appear in films. However, he makes it clear that he is not interested in being involved in politics. Of course, his priority is to show the world his pride in being Yucatecan.

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