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Who is Ricardo Arjona?

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Ricardo Arjona is a famous rock/pop singer-songwriter, distinguished by the lyrics of his songs that captivate his fans. He was born on January 19, 1964 in Guatemala. His full name is Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales. He began studying music at the young age of three with the support of his parents, Ricardo Arjona Moscoso and Mimi Morales.

Two women stand out in his sentimental life. In 1992 he married Leslie Torres, mother of his first two children, Ricardo and Aria. They separated in 2002 and finally divorced in 2005. And since 2006 he has been living with his new partner Daisy Arvelo, with whom he had his third son Nicolás.

What are Arjona’s major albums? At just 8 years old, Ricardo was a prominent musician who played the guitar very well. And at the age of 12 he took part in the Festival Infantil Juventud 74 competition with resounding success, thanks to the song “Thanks to the World” composed by his father. From then on he sang at interschool festivals, where he took first place three times. Because of the lyrics of his songs, he was recognized as a protest singer. Just as he recently did, despite going unnoticed on the New York subway, Arjona sang in public places hoping for a reward in the form of coins deposited in his guitar case. At the age of 21 (1985) he released his first album: Let me say that I love you, but it wasn’t as successful as he expected, so he thought about studying several professions until he got a degree in communication. He also dabbled in basketball for a brief stint and in training as an instructor.

But he insisted on music with better results. From there came other albums with good reviews, as well as controversial and popular: Jesus, verb no substantive (1988) From the other side of the sun (1991) Nocturnal animal (1993) Stories (1994) If the north were the south ( 1996) No harm to third parties (1998) Caribbean Gallery (2000) Holy sin (2002) Inside (2005) 5th floor (2008) Few clothes (2010) Independent (2011) Trip (2014) Turn off the light and listen (2016 ) Circo Soledad (2017) Blanco y Negro (2020) Ricardo Arjona holds several gold and platinum records as well as the first Golden Gaviota awarded to an entertainer at the Viña del Mar Festival Concerts? Arjona’s greatest hits include: “The Lady of Four Decades”, “When”, “The Problem”, “Taxi Story”, “Women”, “Fuiste tú”. But a song entitled “Nude” has the peculiarity that its fans undress in the middle of the concert. And so it has now become common for fans of the Guatemalan singer to tune in and undress in front of the public without complexes while listening to the song.

Video: Fan “disrobes” at a Ricardo Arjona concert in Texas Sources consulted: Buscabiografías.com/ BiografíasyVidas.com

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