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Who is Queen Elizabeth II’s heir and what is the line of succession?

Concerns over Queen Elizabeth II’s health have raised many doubts, including what will happen when she dies, who will be heir to the throne and what the line of succession will be. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision, her utmost concern for her health. What happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies and what is London Bridge’s protocol? It should be noted that the heir to the throne is Prince Charles (Charles) of Wales.

Who is Charles of Wales, heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth II and next in line to the throne? Charles is the firstborn son of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, the monarch of England, and Philip of Edinburgh.

He was born on November 14, 1948 and is currently 73 years old. Prince Charles is also known for all the scandals surrounding his romantic relationship with Diana of Wales and then Camila Parker Bowles who is currently his wife. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Prince Felipe, the Shadow of a Queen: 5 Facts About His Life Although Prince Charles was the heir, he could choose to abdicate, that is, relinquish the throne, after which it would pass to the second person of succession.

Who is the second person in line to the throne? The second in a row is Prince William (William), son of Charles of Wales and the Princess of Wales, Diana. Prince William is currently the Duke of Cambridge. He was born on June 21, 1982 and is 40 years old. Guillermo could become king if his father abdicates.

What is the William of Cambridge Succession? The Duke of Cambridge is succeeded by the three children he had with Catalina (Catherine). Third in line to the throne is Jorge, aged 9; fourth Princess Charlotte, aged 7; and in the fifth Luis, 5 years old. Where is Prince Harry in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II? Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is the second son of Charles and Diana. He is sixth in line to the throne.

Behind him are his two sons Archie in seventh place; and Lilibeth in eighth place. How many and who are Queen Elizabeth’s children? The Queen had four children besides Charles, Prince of Wales: Edward, Earl of Wessex; Andrew, Duke of York; and Anne, Princess Royal. Since 2015, the rule of absolute primogeniture has applied to the British throne, in which firstborns are given preference regardless of their gender.

The law was applied in 2013 but as it had no retroactive effect it retained the established primacy otherwise Princess Anne would have preferred her two younger brothers but before men were preferred to women.

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